Part 2 Advantages of IE8

IE8 or Internet Explorer 8 is one of the latest web browsers from the Microsoft’s stable. It’s a long time since Microsoft launched its first free of cost bundled software called Internet Explorer in competition with Netscape Navigator. It has come a long way since then and the experience with IE8 is really exciting as brought out by reviews conducted by experts and users alike.

Hide your secrets with the help of In-Private Browsing

If you’re finding some private browsing opportunity then In-Private icon will allow doing so. How? It gives you the facility to save passwords and form as add-on features with the saving of usual cookies and Web history. Along with it, in a search box you will get the facility of search term. Your URLs will show the address bar in addition to that. Those features are meant for making your task easier. It saves your privacy from your skeptical boss, overindulgent parents and nagging spouse or anyone on this earth from whom you’re willing to hide your task, which you’re doing on the Web. So, your complete privacy while working on Web world is thoroughly guaranteed.

With the help of In-Private Browsing, browsing without any trace is easier. It can be activated from the safety menu with the selection of In-Private Browsing. At the left of the address bar; you will see a blue In-Private indicator with the opening of a new IE8 window. After closing the window you will be saved with no Web history, cookies, searches or URLs, or any form data or passwords.

Pilot your pages not even using Mouse in Caret Browsing

Caret browsing feature of IE8 enables you to select text, browse pages etc. Along with it you can access Accelerators or different relevant menu functions, and that also you can do not even shifting your fingers from the keyboard. This Caret Browsing can be enabled with the single press of F7.

In order to navigate through the page,  you need to use  the arrow keys so that you can work through letter by letter (right and left arrows) or line by line (up and down arrows) in Caret Browsing option. You really have to hold down the Shift keys while you’re using the arrows at the time of selecting text.

To copy the selected text, you can press Ctrl+C for the purpose of copying.

Pressing Shift+F10 or hitting the Application key (this key is placed at the right side of the space bar carrying a picture, which is describing menu on it) and you can use it to lift the right-click context menu. In order to pilot the menu, you can use arrow keys. You can use Enter in order to select anything.

While third party add-on installation is interfered, then you won’t be able to see Accelerator option in the context menu. For example, if you consider IE7Pro add-on, then it doesn’t contain Accelerators in their customized context menu.

When you’re satisfied with the facilities of Caret Browsing, then don’t forget press F7 to switch it off.

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