Things that you get for free on the web that really saves you money, Part 2

We are on our discussion about 19 things on the Web that can save, or even earn your money. We discussed seven web sites on the first part of this article and today, we talk about the remaining 12 sites.

Record your messages, for free – This service really comes in handy when in a moment of inspiration, the only thing handy is your phone and not the notebook you bought for moments exactly like these. But reQall could be your savior because by calling a special number, you can record your thoughts and messages to reQall’s website and let reQall organize it for you.

reQall uses a combination of voice recognition technology and human aided transcription to convert your voice into text which can be stored into reQall’s databases. Acting as a web-based personal information manager, reQall can email or SMS you and your friends, important things such as reminders, upcoming appointments, and other messages.

Web based OCR, for free – OCR Terminal is a web based provider that allows you to convert 20 pages of scanned documents a month into text. Just upload a PDF or a JPEG copy of a scanned page and download the text equivalent from the same site.

All the classics downloadable as e-books, for free – The copyright of text usually expire 50 years after the author’s death, although in some countries, expiration takes effect after a hundred years. Project Gutenberg has long been known to make freely available for download, most of the world’s classics and some works without copyright. You can choose from a variety of formats, some compatible for e-book readers such as the Kindle

SMS any phone from your PC, for free – SMS is expensive in the United States and there is a way to text a friend from your PC for free. As long as you stay within a 160-character limit, web services such as txtDrop or Krypton lets you SMS friends for free.

Store large files on the cloud, for free – Most free web-based email choke on attachments 10 MB or even 5 MB in size. There are some sites like that, without any signing-up process, accept uploads up to 100 MB. You tell your friends about the link to the file so that they can download it.

MP3 can be downloaded legally, for free – Some sites, like Amazon, Rhapsody and blogs like Elbows, RCRD LBL, and Stereogum offer samples of tracks made freely available for downloading as a means of promoting music albums.

The Live Music Archive found in the website of the Internet Archive is a place where thousands of live musical performance can be downloaded for free. Presently more than 68,000 high quality, lossless musical tracks are freely available.

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