Things that You Get for Free on the Web that Really Saves You Money

I’m sure you’ve heard of things that you can get for free on the web. You have instant messaging, electronic mail and free web space where you can write your blog. I’m not really interested in those kinds of things, instead I’ll show you free things that that are actually useful in your line of work. In other words, the free things that I’ll be talking about actually help you earn money.

Free long distance calls – I’m sure you’ve heard of Skype but I’ll be talking about something better – free calls using your phone. Talkster’s way of doing this is not really straightforward but is easy enough. Talkster gives you and your friend abroad a special local number each. First, you call your friend on his local number and tell him to dial his own special local number. You just stay online, wait for your friend to hang up to dial his local number. When both of you are connected using your special local numbers, then you can talk as long as you want.

Free faxes – There is a great way to send and receive free faxes by using online services such as Qipit and FaxZero. Both services are somewhat ad-supported because the cover page displays banners. Qipit allows the sending of five faxes each week while FaxZero gives you two free 3-paged faxes a day.

If you consider eFaxFree, you get 100 free pages a month. But you receive your faxes in your email which pretty much make your fax machine obsolete.

Video conferencing for free – I’m sure you’ve used one of these for free but most of these video conferencing services only allow two people to talk. TokBox discards this limitation and as long as you have the internet bandwidth, you can videoconference to as many people as you like.

Free conference calls – Rondee allows up to 50 people to conference call. It is pretty innovative like notifying the parties involved by email, a non speaking access allowing others to listen but not join in the conversation, and an MP3 recording of the entire conference which can be downloaded from the provider’s website.

Free directory assistance – for a sure-fire way to get directory assistance for free, dial Google’s GOOG-411, that is, 1-800-466-4411. There is an automated voice that will reply and of course voice recognition stuff is used to give out telephone numbers, addresses, and more for free. Microsoft has a similar service which can be accessed by dialing 800-CALL411 or 1-800-225-5411.

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