Windows 7 Readyboost Really Works Unlike With Windows Vista

Windows Vista Readyboost was a real disappointment, with the only winners flash drive manufacturers as users rushed out to but new flash drives in an attempt to get better performance.

The situation couldn’t be more different with Windows 7, as Readyboost is finally delivering against Microsoft’s promises. More and more users are finding that not only does Windows 7 Readyboost improve boot and shut-down times, but they also offer speed improvements that are really useful.

Adobe Audition witnessed some delightful results as well. I normally play with very large soundfiles that take 60MB to 120MB of hardisk space. One’s patience is certainly tried handling such processing. Anything that can cut down the processing time was welcome. I tried Readyboost. The result made me grin. Readyboost consistently shaved some 20% off the handling of such large files of varying sizes. The speed drop is apparent when I unplugged the USB drive.

If you’re not running Readyboost on Windows 7, it’s definitely worthwhile buying a cheap flashdrive on ebay.


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