Uniblue releases RegistryBooster 2010

RegistryBooster, Uniblue’s flagship product downloaded by millions of PC users worldwide, has undergone a major overhaul for the 2010 version. The registry cleanup, defrag and optimization software has a brand-new GUI, is Windows 32 and 64-bit compliant, has Windows 7 compatibility and is available in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

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5 New Technologies to change the era

Do you also dream of that time when it would be possible for you to view the 3D movies at your home while drinking your cup of tea? Just imagine the situation where you suddenly tap on your gigabit-wireless-connected tablet, and then watch a 3D movie on the thin HDTV hanging somewhere on the wall with the help of super speedy USB connection and HD transmitter. It all appears to be a dream but soon it would be a reality.

Now, it would be possible for you to collect all information about the actors within few seconds with the help of reality contact lenses and a virtual keyboard. All this information would be visible in the form of a webpage that would be showing list of all actors with their movies and videos.

Now there will be no separation between speed and content. They will be paired consistently within mobiles, laptops, desktops, and various home-entertainment systems. It has been seen that new methods of using video specially those that include 3D depth or visual overlays require more speed, computational power and storage.

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Guiding to Windows 7 security

Windows has produced many versions of its operating system, but out of all of those windows vista is the most secure one. Windows 7 takes the base of what vista is lacking and then improves upon that to provide a secure environment. To ensure that the security features of windows vista are good, the people at Microsoft provided with a facility of user feedback to boost up their experience. Some of the security improvements which windows 7 have made in context to windows vista are as follows:

Core System Security

Security development life cycle (SDL) is used to develop windows 7 which were also used in the making of vista. The new operating system has all those security features which were used to protect vista such as Kernel Patch Protection, Data Execution Prevention (DEP), and Mandatory Integrity Levels. These features help to protect windows 7 and also fight against malicious software and other virus attacks.

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How to optimize the windows 7

After windows vista, Microsoft has launched windows 7 that offer improved performance than its predecessor. If you also want to get the best out of it, then you need to remove all the resource hogging programs and need to carry out certain tweaks. Below are given some tips that would help you to boost the PC performance without upgrading the hardware.

You may get many suggestions for upgrading your system’s speed form internet but most of them cannot be trusted and some of them do not work. They sometimes cause harm to the system instead of doing good to it. If you want to make any kind of the changes to your system then make sure you know about all the myths related to the windows 7 performance. The tips that are given below will surely help you to make out some extra space and improve the speed of your system after the installation of the windows 7.

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5 Ways Wireless Carriers Gouge You–And How to Fight Back

Do you think that you are paying more than what you expect of your cell phone bills? Even though you may root to the minutes allotted or the number of messages in the plan, you may be paying extra.

The only alternative you have is to have a deep look at your bills, handset and your money. I offer five options where you can stop all the mess.

1. Texting Fees: These services are a good alternative for calls. Then too, they are set out of your data plans. Some service providers seemed to have raised the texting fees. The reasons that can be are-either you are not aware of the allotted messages in your plan or you are an underestimated customer where you are hit by the number of times you would use this service.

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Nokia’s Booklet 3G Gamble

Nokia has launched, the first of its kind, Booklet 3G, which in itself is the true netbook PC. This can also be said that this is one in its category as no other full PC has ever had such features. The product will be launched through AT&T and Best Buy. This PC will be set to sale in the market from 22nd of October onwards by the two giants. This could, rather be a risky proposition for Nokia.

The initial release cost of the issue is set to be $599. This is a rather, an astonishing price tag for an unsubsidized product. Without taking any pre occupations in the mind regarding the 3G data capacity, lets take a look at the various specifications of the product.

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WiMax Struggles For Broadband Share

The WiMax Market has, by and large, remained unutilized till today. There has been a large race going on, among the various mobile operators, to conquer this market. The technology cost is pretty high and several pre requisites, such as coverage matter have to be taken care of in the run. The global analysis firm, Ovum, have claimed that the hunt is not a struggle for capturing mass market, but for the competition issues.

The WiMax has endeavored to make a standing in the grown-up markets of Europe, North America and Asia. The Ovum is expecting to gain a hold in the emerging market now. The matter did not turn out to be as expected due to the factors such as cost, vendor support, coverage and the service provider. The limited number of service provider’s options did not allow WiMax to capture the market.

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Facebook Leads The Social Network Pack

In an unsurprising report released by Experien Hitwise, a metrics firm, the most popular social network in the United States is Facebook. The network, created by Mark Zuckerberg, garnered a landslide statistic of fifty-nine percent of American social-network traffic. The September ’09 report, which tracked and measured Web traffic from 155 total online destinations, posed some interesting ideas, though the information it revealed was not unexpected.

Hitwise’s report presents evidence that Facebook is evolving into the Google of the social-network family. Myspace, by comparison, seems to have more activities available to its users, and Twitter is – again, not surprisingly – seemingly impossible to measure accurately.

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Snow Leopard Bug Escapes Apple

Snow Leopard, Mac OS X’s latest arrival which hit consumers in August, apparently carries a large-scale bug that has his some users extremely hard. The chatter on Apple’s forums, as well as other networks Web-wide including Twitter, is publicizing the dismay and, in some cases, outraged betrayal felt by Mac users.

Greg Keizer wrote a story for Computerworld describing how some users of Snow Leopard first upgraded from Mac OS X 10.5, also known as Leopard, then logged in as a “Guest,” and suddenly found that all their personal information had been lost. Keizer’s report wasn’t the first, either; the problem’s been around for weeks, according to Cnet’s MacFixit column, as has been the rumor of a solution. Apple marginally substantiates the rumor when contacted for more information, responding with an automated “We are aware of the issue, which occurs only in extremely rare cases, and we are working on a fix.”

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