Deep Freeze 6.61 Features Full Windows 7 Compatibility

Faronics announce that Deep Freeze 6.61, the latest version of their flagship system integrity software, is now available.

This Deep Freeze release features full support for Windows 7, Microsoft’s latest operating system. Over seven million customers who have come to rely on Deep Freeze’s bulletproof protection can now upgrade to Windows 7 with complete confidence. This
timely launch of Deep Freeze demonstrates Faronics’ commitment to delivering up-to-date desktop security while reducing computer support costs.

Deep Freeze offers the strongest protection available and eliminates the need for IT professionals to perform rebuilds, re-image, or troubleshoot computers—reducing support incidents up to 63%. IT administrators are able to map user accounts individually or by user type to an unprotected partition or a Thawspace to retain user documents, pictures, movies, bookmarks and other data between protected sessions.

IT administrators of Windows deployments are already familiar with Deep Freeze’s patented technology that guarantees 100% workstation availability and eliminates unwanted system changes between user sessions.  Users who are protected by Deep Freeze are able to enjoy a clean and consistent session each and every time.

Camosun College is planning to upgrade to Windows 7 over the next while so we were happy to see Faronics is fully supporting Windows 7 with Deep Freeze,” said Rob Peressini, Client Services Manager for Camosun College.

With the number and complexity of system threats escalating, organizations are increasingly willing to invest in inclusive solutions to safeguard their IT resources. A workstation protection solution like Deep Freeze, together with the aid of Faronics’  application whitelisting software, Anti-Executable, can help organizations achieve a comprehensive layered security approach to protect their IT environment. Download Deep Freeze for Windows or Mac OS X platforms.


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