Details Leaked For Windows 8

Thanks to an unauthorized information source within the United States R&D division of Microsoft, we now have some information about Windows 8, which should become available in 2012.  This is embarrassing to Microsoft because they have not even released Windows 7, which is due for release on October 22.

Robert Morgan, an employee of Microsoft who lists his job description as “senior research and development,” used his LinkedIn account to provide details on Microsoft’s Windows 8 project.  His profile was removed from the LinkedIn network, though it can be found in the Google search cache by a determined researcher.

Morgan’s profile let on that he was employed in a high-security research and development department, and that he was involved in strategic planning for various projects, both long term and short.  He also claimed to be responsible for relationship-forming with IBM, Intel, HP, and ADP, along with other research and development partners.

Among the projects he professed to work on is a 128-bit architecture, which would be used for Windows 8 and possibly Windows 9.  To give a sense of perspective, the soon-to-be-released Windows 7 will be available in 32-bit and 64-bit options.  64-bit versions of Windows have been around since May 2005’s Windows XP Professional x64 edition.  Windows Vista also offers both 32- and 64-bit versions, but has not been embraced by consumers in any meaningful way.

Windows 7 is expected to warm the public’s enthusiasm for 64-bit computers, which apply considerably more RAM than the 32-bit units and are generally considered to be more powerful.  As may be expected, the prospect of a 128-bit version, with the increased processing speed and power it would offer, is cause for excitement.  There may develop an enthusiasm for Windows 8 that will preclude even the release of its younger sibling, Windows 7, as a result of Morgan’s leak.

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