Hello Windows 7, Goodbye Vista

With the release of Windows 7, everyone is anticipating a much better product that will far out shadow all the things we loved to hate about past Microsoft products, the Vista operating system making the top of the list.

Although some Vista users got used to the product and virtually adjusted to the malfunctions of the operating system, those that hate Vista far outnumber the few (very few) fans. It was just a great relief to see Microsoft mend its ways by releasing a much better product in Windows 7 to help people forget the terrible mistake they made when they introduced Vista about three years ago. With Vista now gone, here are some things that can be enumerated about Vista that many loved to hate, and are glad they never have to go back to anymore:

Too many alerts and notifications

Let’s admit it – Vista had too many warning messages popping up every time you needed to do something. Even with simple things, like resetting the system clock, would bring with it a flurry of warnings and notifications before you could even begin the task. Even if these things could have been avoided with a few tweaks of the settings, most people didn’t know how or didn’t even bother with the adjustment. With the user Account Control working a little too well for security to prevent threats and breaches, the function just became as pesky as insects on a hot day.

Drag in performance

Vista was just one slow OS that nobody will miss. Although it had an interesting new look and interface, all these graphics just made the OS heavier altogether which took it forever to load and actually use. To run Vista well, one needed a high capacity PC or laptop for it to run smoothly, otherwise, any other system just made the OS the worst one to use.

Bad driver support

When using Vista, everyone complained about the terrible driver support for the OS, and found Microsoft’s driver testing less than adequate. With the Windows 7 OS offering a trimmer and lighter trim code that maximizes loading and processing, one hopes to see Windows 7 run even on the oldest of equipment.

Meager backup utilities

Vista had a poor file Backup utility which didn’t allow the backing-up of folders and files. The Backup Center of the new Windows 7 has enhanced this feature that includes a network backup on the Windows Ultimate and Windows Professional versions on the market.

Too many superfluous applications

Wven with the cool look of Vista, the apps they offered were barely even useful to any Vista user. Hardly anyone thought Windows Mail, Photo Gallery, or the Movie Maker were practical to use, amongst others. Luckily, Microsoft removed these three white elephant apps from Windows 7, but they are still available for free download for the few Vista fans out there on Windows Live Esseantials.

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