PerfectDisk10 disk defragmenter certified by Microsoft for Windows 7

Like most everyone in the technology world, we are eagerly gearing up for the official launch of Windows 7 in just a couple of weeks. And we’re excited to bring you the news that PerfectDisk10 is the world’s first and only disk defragmenter certified by Microsoft for Windows 7.

While we believe Windows 7 is a big step forward for Microsoft, we still see most of the same limitations with its built-in defrag solution. That’s why Raxco Software released a new white paper that explains the major differences between PerfectDisk10 and the Windows 7 defragger: The Key Differentiators Between PerfectDisk and the Windows 7 Disk Defragmenter.

Whether you plan to use Windows 7 at home or deploy it across an enterprise network, this white paper is designed to help you make smart defragmenting choices. Raxco Software also have a page with Windows 7 resources with technical tips and more.

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