A Fix for iPhones Unable to Sync with Windows 7

Apple iPhone users have recently complained about a bug where they are unable to sync their smartphone with Windows 7 computers. The bug is somewhat random because it only happens mostly to a combination of computers with Intel P55 chipsets that run the 64 bit version of the operating system. As early as September 12, 2009, users began posting on an Apple forum reporting the bug. A lot of suggestions where posted on the forum, some said to tweak the power management settings, others said to downgrade to a lower iTunes version. Pretty soon, it was established that  most of the users experiencing the syncing problem were using the same hardware – a Gigabyte motherboard with Intel P55 chipset. On November 6, 2009, the motherboard manufacturer issued a BIOS update version F4v where it fixed among other things an Apple iPhone sync issue.

Aside from Gigabyte, Asus also manufactures Intel P55 chipset motherboards and the BIOS fix issued by Gigabyte will not fix the same problem present in other brands of motherboards. Owners of non-Gigabyte P55 chipset will have to wait until their motherboard manufacturer issue a similar BIOS update. So far, the problem has been limited to Intel P55 equipped motherboards.

The problem is obviously not a Windows 7 bug and most of the users who reported the syncing problem were able to fix the issue after they applied the BIOS update issued by Gigabyte.

Microsoft, Intel and Apple investigated the issue on their own. Microsoft has been silent about the matter and a search at their Anwers website did turn up results specific to the iPhone sync issue. Apple has also been silent about the matter probably letting users discover that it only takes a BIOS update on Windows computers to solve the problem. Intel likwise has been silent, probably taking a hint from Apple.

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