Google and the Collapse of Western Civilization

Due to all the legendary sources, the humanity today is under threat and on the verge of extinction, and the credit for this goes to Google. Our world has contracted around internet and as all the search engines are revolving us around it, just like a guide. All of them are fooling us, but maximum contribution comes from Google. With the passage of time, all of us will become3 dumb, start relying on Google and will gradually, not even try to scrabble our minds for an answer.

This idea can be drawn from the recent Google innovation, Google Trends. This technology shows us the Top 40 searches which the Americans are doing, at any point of time. It can take you in the past to show you the searches for the last month. It is alluring as well as panicking. We can not devise learning out of this “trends”. How would anyone be concerned to find that Johny Depp, once was the sexiest man alive, or whether Lowe’s food has offers on Pampers and bacon food, or if Fidel Castro is alive, even though Perez Hilton denies it. The number one in the list, some time back was nephelococcygia, which is a 2,400 years old word, referring to “cloud cukooland.” It was even vague when the eSarcasm people noted that Americans have been searching for blazing Care Bears, frenzied toilet seats and parakeets having an intestinal-disarray.

Whenever a phrase gets popular, by any means, all the companies write down a 300 words article that has nothing, but the phrase in it. This pulls the traffic on to their site and they top the list of earnings. They attempt this to earn money because Google as a dumb and deaf wandered, targets the users to them and they exchange that for clicks and money. This current “trend” is being followed by all in the profession. Even the sophisticated sites too have appointed bloggers to write nuisance and pull the users. This may not live long, but short articles having nothing but plagiarized and duplicated information do not present a good encounter.

The worst thing about all search engines and Google in particular is that they will find you “ONLY” what is required. Anything here and there can be treated as miscellaneous and inappropriate. If you search for a candy, you will get results, but if candy is immersed in a cake, search engine has no clue. If you want your article to be searched by Google and high in the list; as 85% people do not go to page two while searching; fill up the article with keywords, in heading, subheading, every paragraph, every line…bolded and italicized. Look into the Google magic then.

If you are looking out for water on the moon, you can find the web filled up with ample amount of them but only a few will seem to be informative. Even the best news websites have also employed this rat-race. Some companies have used Trends as their inspiration and intend to fill up the web with more than 4,000 meaningless articles each day, on the top search keywords. As the business expands and more and more sites come into action, this pattern is sure to erupt. Everyone will want a piece of cake and in the run, supply some nasty iced bread that can not even be swallowed. Originality and uniqueness is missing. Rewriting the same content, making four formats out of one and inserting bolded phrases has become the “Trend” of the profession. With more and more article writing companies seeing a viable prospect, in the market, all we can expect is a below average quality of the internet, 10 years hence. It will even be impossible to search out for a candy, one day, on Google.

The main issue revolves around the same basic question: Why do search engines search for the keyword and nothing but the keyword? Can the searching algorithms, behind, be amended to search out in a different manner? Can’t all the technicians, engineers and great minds think of an alternate method to search, beside this algorithm stuff?  What actually are we going to present before our future generation- a web full of scrap or a book full of education? Its us to choose. We need to work smartly, efficiently and quickly, because there is no time left in the world’s deterioration. And, no other resource can be sought as the culprit to this, except, the great Google. There have to be ways to make Google better and we are the ones who need to search them out.

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