Google Chrome Operating System butchered by Microsoft

Here is the story of how Redmond neutralized the Net Appliance Operating System by Google before it hit the market.

Slim is the way to be. This was the message I am taking away from all the pomp and show of the media intensive demonstration if Chrome Operating System. It seemed successful as everyone came away singing praises of the lighter, smaller desktop model which would have its base in the web instead of the machine certified to be the terminator of the MS Windows. This covers Redmond too.

It is a surety that Microsoft is enjoying the display as a means of great entertainment. After sparing with the imaginary opponent in the Chrome Operating System announced by the developers even when it was in its developmental stages Microsoft now has a concrete target to mark. And mark it, they will, with rancour.

The offensive will begin with a Trojan horse. Redmond will welcome the new OS by Google and accent that they are not opponents as the Chrome Operating System is meant for a separate and niche market. But the secretly study the weaknesses and gather reconnaissance to launch the attack. The first weapon to be launched against Google will be the Futuremark developing or FUD engines which will cripple the reliability of Google.

The first volley will be the attempt to tie the Chrome Operating System to the Linux Desktop which is not a very favoured platform already obliterated by Microsoft during the advent of netbooks. They will play up the Linux based Chrome operating System which seems too technical to most users who are now used to the seamless functioning of all their devices and peripherals.

Then Redmond will initiate a vote of confidence from the customers after they have played up the incompatibility factor. Then the Executives from Microsoft will grace a few interviews where they will attempt to keep their customers by emphasizing that Microsoft always endeavours to present them with best of both options offering them a pathway into the cloud. Then they will make use of the App-V which will finally serve them to keep their clients and customers by showering them with all those amazing technologies and applications which Google and its partners cannot deliver.

The dressing down delivered the inhabitants of Mountain view will be labelled as egoistical fools who dared to stand in front of the Giant, the final blow with com with the offering of a simplified  version of the operating system for what is known as cloud computing. The lightweight version possibly called Midori will be the launch pad for other Microsoft technologies that will give a hybrid experience based on Windows kernel and other lessons from MinWin, which will take the user to the next level of web and PC use.

Then Redmond will offer a more dependable operating system to the PC and Laptop manufacturers as substitute for the Chrome operating system. To ascertain this company may give away the Windows Lite without any charges with the PC and deliver the ultimate blow to finish Google.

Microsoft met with Netscape threat in a similar manner when they wanted to safeguard the Windows Server/IIS and Internet Explorer. If you are not sure always follow the path that is tread the most.

Of course the commentary above is one man’s opinion. And I am expecting a volley of comments from all the corners of the globe as I dare to question Google’s authority. Before being declared a die-hard fan and devotee of Microsoft I would like you to consider this – all the above mentioned technologies by Microsoft are there in the market even today. And the company has raw material lying around on the floor of their labs which can be pieced together to make the Chrome OS opponent in few hours.

While Google is banking on the untested potential of APIs, which are still blueprints which are yet to be constructed. The seemingly insurmountable task for the Mountain View dwellers will be to overcome the market credibility of Microsoft; it would be an uphill task to topple them from the monopoly.

The monopoly will continue and Chrome OS will be neutralized by MinWin helping Microsoft emerge the victor again.

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