Internet Explorer Attack Alert

According to Microsoft, the owner of the web browser Internet Explorer, all consumers using old versions of the program were exposed to hacks.

Reports said that last Friday, a code was discovered posted in the Bugtraq mailing archives. Symantec, an internet security provider, expressed their concern about the effect of the code on a computer. They said that even though the code doesn’t work perfectly, it can still cause harm when unaccredited software is installed in one’s computer.

Last Saturday, Symantec announced on its web site that they carried out tests to affirm the substantiality of the code and so it was confirmed that the code certainly affects the browser Internet Explorer primarily the older versions six and seven. The forecast also said that it is possible that a much better exploit can be experienced later on.

Another web security supplier named Vupen Security proclaimed that the code is able to operate on Windows XP Service Pack 3 system when executed by means of Internet six or seven. However, both companies did not mention if the attack can affect Internet Explorer 8 which is the latest browser developed by Microsoft.

Although the code posed its threat on Microsoft’s IE users, the company is still not giving out emergency procedures because as Symantec reported, the code is not yet being abused by internet criminals so there is no need to rush actions. Nevertheless, they are still closely observing the incident and monitoring if the program will make its way in the online world. When this happens Microsoft should be ready to dispatch appropriate solutions especially if it takes place before their regular security update on Dec. 8.

The hack is really depressing, considering that almost forty percent of consumers avail Internet Explorer six and seven.

The code can easily attack any user’s computer due to Internet Explorers impaired feature of a particular Cascading Style Sheet. According to Symantec, the code will definitely work if the hacker tempted a user to use the malevolent JavaScript on his computer. Hacker used this deceptive act to make a person install malicious programs on their computer.

Symantec said that in order to be safe from this attack, users of Internet Explorer should safeguard their computer by making sure that the antivirus program installed in their computer is updated regularly and is the latest version, JavaScript should also be disabled and of course do not dare visit any unknown and malicious site specifically during this time that Microsoft is not yet finished fixing the problem.

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