40 Tricks And Tips On Master Google Android

The initial impression one gets after using the Android Phone is that you are now truly connected, globally.

As the Verizon advertisements refresh our memories that the Android and the Apple’s iPhone are antipodes the former has an open source which is free of any unexplained application rejections and is completely modifiable to the user’s needs. The iPhone may be Apple’s magnum opus the Android is Google’s match to it and more. All you have to do is explore its potential.

These 40 tricks and tips will offer you ways of maximizing the usage of your Android device. These tips are applicable to the Android 2.0 yet most of these tips are applicable to any of the Android Devices. And all these tricks do not require you to try underhanded things or hack.

Here is the manual to make your the masters of your Android protocol.

Maximizing The Use Of Your Home Screen

1. Make your screen more useful through widgets these are programs operating on your screen. The widgets can be selected from a pop-up menu and placed in any open space on the screen. The widgets have a huge variety of functions and sizes all you have to do is search the database.

2. If you do not like the sound your phone makes every time you receive a mail then all you have to do is visit the Gmail Settings and choose the Silent mode. The notifications for the new mails will arrive at the top of the screen and you only have to pull down the panel to get details on the messages. The alert-generating messages and other alerts can be generated in the same manner.

3. You can set up a touch dial for the people you need to get in touch with quickly. Just place your finger the open space and choose your shortcut. You can even pick up the direct dial to call people from your contact list. You can even do one touch texting using the Direct messaging option.

4. If you have any web pages you would like to visit frequently just long press on the site of your browser and bookmark it you can even add a shortcut to the home option.

5. The android allows you to keep your screen organized by folders. You can select Folders by long pressing in the blank space. Then you drag and drop the contacts, shortcuts and applications this will help cut down the clutter. You can rename the folder from its title bar when it opens.

Navigating the Android

6. You can manage your files with the help of a utility called Astro this allows one to browse through the phone like you do on your computer by navigating directories deleting and moving files when you want.

7. You can cut and paste text by long pressing the input region for text. From the Web page use the Menu key and the Select option.

8. The hotkeys of the Android can be used to zoom into the web page or open a program. The complete checklist shortcuts from the Android keyboard are offered here.

9. The phone allows you to set up your own open applications by using the hotkeys. Choose the Settings menu choose Applications and then start the Quick Launch.

10. You can make the on screen disappear when you don’t want it; all you have to do is swipe it down and it will disappear.

11. The current date will be displayed anytime as you touch the top left hand corner of the Android screen.

Keep In Touch

12. If you want to load files onto the Android then all you have to connect the headset to the personal computer and then bring down the notification panel. This USB box and the tap Mount confirm the dialogue box. The phone shows as a hard drive on your PC all you have to do is drag and drop the files you want.

13. You can import your iTunes playlist plus DoubleTwist, a personal computer based utility. The interface of the program is intuitive and makes the Media Link by Motorola redundant and outdated.

14. You can sync your Outlook calendar hassle-free. The Google Calendar Sync does all the work for you.

15. You can sync your contacts on the Outlook even in the absence of the Exchange Server all you have to do is Go Contact Sync which is an Open source utility on your machine.

16. The NewsRob keeps you in touch via feeds this is a handy application that will sync your phone to the Google Reader account.

17. You can bookmark your browser on the Android Phone. You can download all MyBookmarks off the Market and import them.

Long-Lasting Power Of The Phone

18. Integrate the Google Voice in your phone to make your power last longer. All you have to do is to sign in into the account and download the applications and you will see you will have a wide variety of options. An Additional Tip: The Google Voice widget added to the screen will allow you to make one touch calls and one touch toggling.

19. Google Voice also allows you to send text messages for free what more could you need from an application. Change the setting to refresh the page every 5 minutes this will prevent the delay of messages reaching you. If you are logged into Google Voice Website then you can receive quick notifications on receipt of text message through text messaging.

20. Use Fring to get unbilled talk time, this also functions as a free mobile chat client off the Android. It also lets you make VoIP calls from Google Talk, Skype and other SIP calling service.

21. The Android offers a free Dial Zero application which reduces the calling time to the companies you do business with. This gets the user past the phone trees and human heralds and checkpoints.

22. If you do not want to receive any annoying phone calls then route them to your voicemail. Your Android offers you the option of opening the contact list, pressing the menu button use the Options and check the incoming calls.

23. The incoming calls are held as customizable options of ringtones for ring tones from various callers. Tag each person with a ringtone for each person you wish to call.

24. You can use the MP3 files as ringtones. You can make a new folder on your memory card and name the ringtones. Now copy all the MP3s here and these will show in the selection of the playlist. The folder called notifications and alarms will show do the same action for these functions.

25. The RingDroid application is free and can be easily edited as MP3, even a precise segment of a song can be converted into the a ringtone or sound for any function in the system.

26. You can keep multiple browser windows open in one go. Just long press any web link and a new window will open to display it. You can toggle between two windows by using the Menu Key.

27. You can see the web pages in a landscape mode. The Android will display the sites in this manner. The landscape-only display checkbox can be selected from the Browser Settings menu.

28. You not only have the option of using the built in browser but can also try the Dolphin Browser with smart features line the tabbed browsing, multi-touch zoom in and gesture driven commands, yes your Android can do it.

A Secure Smartphone

29. The Android offers options to secure your phone and unlock the handset all you do is swipe the finger on the screen in a certain pattern. There is a screen Unlock Pattern within the Location and Security option in the main section of the Systems Settings menu.

30. You can back up your phone data. The MyBackup option saves your contacts and applications, call logs, settings, texts, on both sides of the SD Card on an Internet Server which is firewalled and protected. You can take the backup of the SMS ad even save them on your Gmail account.

31. To protect your mobile download the Mobile Defense. This application allows you to use the PC and tack your phone via GPS and lock it, back up and then wipe off all the data.

Some Essential Apps

32. Office files can be handled via Documents To Go. There is a free trial which gives you the feel of the programs ability to view the Excel and Word Documents. The fully paid version has editing capabilities with the ability to view PowerPoint and PDF files.

33. If you prefer to work in the cloud then try the GDocs or ThinkFree Mobile Office both of these are connected to Google Docs documents.

34. You will need to download a PC synced version of notepad to take notes such as GDocs Notepad. You can save the documents into the Google Docs directly for easy access.

35. You can do photo editing via Adobe Photoshop.com Mobile applications which is unbeatable and free to use.

36. You can make you smart Android look even smarted by using the TuneWiki that finds lyrics and scrolls them next to your playlist. It will give you direct access to the Internet Radio and stream some nice features sharable in a community.

Now the Phone is personal, too

37. A software, called Locale can make your phone can act the way you want it to. The application lets you set chose customised profiles for all circumstances and has a ringer shift that shifts into silent mode when you are at work, or can make your screen glow bright at night.

38. Install Missed Call by using the phone LED you can configure the phones lights by flashing specific colours when the calls are being made to certain people.

39. You can include your name and other proper nouns by editing the Android custom dictionary. All you have to do is complete an auto complete list as you type. You will find your settings under Language and Keyboard settings to get started.

40. You can return the Android setting of you do not like it. The Android market gives you a full refund up to 24 hours of purchase unless you have tried to return the same application before.

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