Google Goggles Visual Search: An Overview

Here is a revolution in mobile search.  On Monday Google Goggles introduced a new visual search tool for Android phones making information off the internet on the move, more accessible.

An introduction to Google’s Goggles

Google Goggles which is different from the Google Mail Goggles, the not so efficient email software helps you surf by taking photographs. If you want more information on the product, just take a picture. If you need information on some shop or business just take a snap of it and search, you will get all the information in the product and there is more.

Google Goggles supports photographic search for businesses, art, books, barcodes, contact information, DVDs, landmarks, plain texts and logos.

This is how it functions when you take a snap shot; Google’s Goggles breaks it up into object-based signatures. These signatures are then compared to the signatures of all the images in the database. In a few moments then the results are displayed on the order by ranks. Some results are displayed even before you send the image you have shot; this is possible due to the integration of GPS and compass functionality which is a seamless function.

Enough on the overview let’s try the software for the search by sight test.

Let’s try out the Google Goggles

Let’s enter a simple search like a book. After you open the application just follow simple instructions and take a photograph. The Google Goggles immediately begins to analyze the image and seconds later you get the result.

Just enter the picture of book Google Goggles offered the complete name of the book and the links that allow you to compare prices and even a preview of the book. Just under this result the regular list of results was displayed. Quiet neat, isn’t it?

This application offered similar results for a DVD search: I snapped the cover of the Swingers and received complete information about the movie, and the regular list of search on Google.

How about testing something more generic? I picked up a packet of potato chips to test if the Google Goggles could find the logo. Again the application did not disappoint me, it saw that it was made by Lays and offered a screen with information on the company.

Even if you enter a relatively less known product such as a protein powder the Google Goggles will revert without delay. IN this case the Google Goggles matched the photograph with the other images online from the retailer’s website and more about information about the protein powder.

Let us test the art next. The snap of a random picture from a Magritte painting book in my office too got me instantaneous results from the Google Goggles.

The Google goggles said that the application can search up wine and give details about it, I decided to test it. This one did not give immediate results as the first bottle I tired did not offer immediate results but the second attempt to search the label was successful.

The application works with text too, if you are looking for a business card or snag just a work on the invoice it will do the trick for you. Goggles offered a list of searches for me to choose from along with the contact information of the business with an option to add my own contact information to the business directory.

Search for Landmarks and Places with Google Goggles

Major landmarks are accessible by the Goggles. As there are no landmarks near me I used my imagination and snapped a photo of the Eiffel Tower and waited for the results. In a moment Google poured information into my screen about the landmark.

Google Goggles uses the information from the mobile’s compass and GPS and delivered the amplified reality results. All you have to do is take a snap shot of any location or business and the application places a button with the name of the business at the bottom of your display screen. The next time you want to access the information in the business all you have to do is tap the button. No photo required for the next search.

Pointing the phone in any general direction too will get you immediate results. Gazing out of my office through the mobile’s camera, I saw a button “20” displayed at the bottom of the screen. As I tapped on the button, all the information about the businesses in the area popped up, each with a clickable link containing contact information and other details on the business.

The future of Google Goggle

As of now Google Goggles does not recognize cars, food, plants and animals. But it is just a matter of time. The Developers of Goggles say that in the near future the application will be able to recognise the plants from their leaves and the suggest the next move for a chess game just by working on the snapshot of the same.

This is just the beginning of the search technology by visuals promise the Google’s engineers.

Google Goggles offers two privacy options; the first option is to discard the complete search or save it as a searchable history. The images taken by the user of the application is made available to the Google search which is used to improve the search service. Besides this the Google indicates that the Google application even retains your IP address and the Google account details up to five weeks to help keep the service sound and constant.

A free download of Google Goggles is now available in the Android Market. The application can be seen in action through Google’s official Goggles video. There is a mobile support site set up by Google to offer help with the application too.

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