Google Vice-President Marissa Mayer- The Perfect Search Engine

Google is doing about five improvements weekly that can be manifested in user interface. But we are not publicizing rank changes. Our rank modifications are done about twice a day. And it is surprising that some of our rivals do not perform regular changes with their rank functionality. The process includes regular adjustments to provide better results.

IDG News Service’s third question: What is Google’s semantic search status? You mentioned before that with the use of “brute force”, Google will be able to provide results with semantic approach even though it is really utilizing algorithmic presentations. So what is the approach that Google favored?

Mayer answered: Google is confident on doing intelligent approaches to automatically learn off data and we regularly tune and refine these approaches. Many people view semantic web as something that requires manual operation, which includes maps of assorted words. But we believe that users can achieve improved level of comprehension by having pattern-matched data in large scale schemes. This works just like human brain which continuously process data and information every now and then.

IDG News Service’s fourth question: A few years past, experts foresee semantic approach revolutionizing search and blindsiding Google and it did not happen. Can we conclude that semantic approach did not work because it is extremely difficult to achieve?

Mayer answered: The problem occurs because language and web pages constantly change. Even the way people express themselves is changing. Due to this, Google is making improvements base on computer process so that it can modify, emphasize and answers to data in a full-bodied approach. Google prefer focusing on systems that have the ability to scale. Having semantic search options with that ability is quite exciting. Presently, the methods we chose to apply are in accordance with semantic approach but we are also trying other mediums.

IDG News Service’s final question: It was in May 2007 when universal search was broadcasted. In present time, can you confirm if it is finished or is it a process that will continue to develop and change?

Mayer answered: Universal search will always be a continuous process. Today, Google owns a number of teams including local, product universal and image universal staffs. Each of them is working on possible ways to improve job rankings and initiate contents. During the launch period of universal search, it showed one out of twenty-five questions. But today, it produces twenty-five percent of questions. So it is probable that the auxiliary file formats contributes something and these are not being triggered on the result page. We in Google believe that much effort is needed to continue the work.

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