Multitouch Browsing Now On Droid

Verizon’s Droid made an explosion during its launch week and proved itself to be worthy. The handset can do extensive actions but there is still one prominent feature missing and that is multitouch browsing.

Handset without the multitouch function is really unusual because most of the other versions like European and Milestone recognize it. The reason behind American Droid’s lack of multitouch browsing is an unresolved issue but some implied that it is due to Apple’s exclusive rights to multitouch functionality and there are also some impressions about Android 2.0 applications not compatible with multitouch features.

The real reason behind the issue is not known but having the feature will certainly make the handset more favorable. And finally, all the waiting is over because today Droid absolutely considered having multitouch features.

Android and Dolphin Together

The much awaited multitouch functionality in Android is provided by the browser Dolphin. The program with its new browsing partner is free to avail in any Android merchant.

Before I considered Dolphin to be unworthy of being my default browser but after some developments and version updating I can absolutely agree that the browser is really something to look forward.

The multitouch functionality of Dolphin is closely the same with what iPhone offers. It includes very simple pinching actions to zoom in and zoom out the browser.

Other Inclusions in Android Browser

Truly, the features that Dolphin possesses can not be disregarded by any user. It has gesture function support which is a remarkable feature. The user is able to create a set of gestures to command the navigation options of the handset.  And whenever you wish to execute a command, simply touch the gesture control you created and draw the lines.

Another inclusion in the Dolphin browser is multiple tabs support and organized social sharing functions. The multiple tabs feature is much effortless to use and execute compared to the multiple windows of the existing built in browser of Android.

One cool option that users should try when exiting the application is pressing and holding the back button in about three seconds instead of using the Home button. This will bring out a menu options to stop and clear your cache which is more favorable to use because it can counteract problems caused by force closing the browser.

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