Arm Holdings: “Intel Cannot Outrun Us”

Arm Holdings has been in the business of designing chip for different handsets and smartphones such as the popular Apple iPhone for more than a decade now. Arm Holdings reign in the business is unquestionable, but now they are facing rivalry with another company named Intel. Just recently, Intel exhibited the smartphone LG Electronics GW900 based on the company’s patent Moorestown platform.

While Intel strives to get into the world of smaller devices, Arm Holdings is targeting the products termed as smartbooks. These so-called smartbook products like e-readers, tablets and low-cost laptops are where Intel expertise lays and now Arm Holdings is now aspiring Intel’s turf. The PC manufacturers Lenovo and Hewlett-Packard Co. announced that they are currently developing a low-cost Skylight smartbook consisting of a Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor designed by Arm Holdings.

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Apple Ipad Experience

The much-awaited release of Apple’s new device has finally ended. Today, Apple iPad tablet device was released in public and many are eager to test the product. The product really looks interesting but upon conducting my own test of the device, I can say that it failed to impress me. There are many functional applications in iPad, but having a closer inspection on the product will show the similarities it has with iPhone or iPod Touch, just tweaked.

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Break Free From Traditional Service Providers

Until lately, competition in the world of service providers was so little that they didn’t need to require additional efforts to gain customers. Companies providing services like cable networks, landline phones, mobile devices, internet service provider and even satellite radios have exclusive control with their prices and they are the only one who can manipulate rate of fees. It’s either pay the huge price to avail the service or just live without it. But that was before…

Their reign has come to an end. Web-based services and technologies are now being introduced worldwide and this will surely end the happy days of monopolistic companies. Web-based services cost really low compared to traditional service providers and some are even free.

Almost all of the services we pay each month are now offered in the internet. Online streaming of movies and television programs are replacing the need for cable networks. Voice over Internet Protocol of generally known as VoIP is now being adopted by consumers to supplant landlines phones. Online fax services defeating the manual way. Satellite radios were dethroned by online radios, and the list goes on.

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How To Prevent Browser Crashes?

Does your computer usually hangs and becomes unresponsive even though you have a 4G, dual-core machine? Often than not, the cause of this problem is your browser. Base on my experience on using Internet Explorer and Firefox, both makes my computer freeze but Firefox seems to hang the most. These culprits slow your processor and eat your computer’s memory until it hangs and there is no solution other than to close all applications and start again which is really irritating. Want to stop this problem? Then you might want to read more to find ways on how to keep your computer free from stalls and crashes.

The question, which browser is better and faster, has always been an issue. Users believe that finding the best browser is the solution to improve the computer’s performance. The idea might be correct in a way, but assuming that the effectiveness of a computer depends on the browser alone is wrong. A fast browser can lessen your problems but will not solve it. Whatever you choose, you will still end up with the same situation.

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Battle In Court- Apple vs. Nokia

Apple and Nokia are again engaged in a battle, yet this is not about competing in the mobile phone market but in the legal court. Apple fought back with Nokia’s legal complaints by suing Nokia of infringement on its patents. Hence, both mobile phone manufacturers are now accusing each other with a similar case. If you would remember, Nokia was the first one who filed an infringement complaint requesting the International Trade Commission to ban imports of Apple mobile phones and now Apple answered back by filing the same complaint.

Surprisingly, the two largest mobile phone manufacturers are like novices playing a chess game where one is only imitating the move of his opponent, just to say that he can fight back. Apple’s strategy of following Nokia every step is not a good move.

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Google and the Strange Case of the Nexus One Smart Phone

The darling of the press that was the Google Nexus One smart phone suddenly became the goat when cold reality stepped in. Touted as the next big thing in mobility following the iPhone, the Android powered phone got cold disdain from the general public when they realized what they were not getting – namely genuine customer support, working 3G connectivity, reasonable termination fees, and for the developers, a promising operating system that is open to outside programmers for them to develop third party apps.

It was a different press that was all agog about the Nexus One one to two weeks ago. Because much of the phone was developed behind closed doors, a lot of the talk was a mix of fact and fiction. When the phone finally came out of the woods, all expectations came crashing down when Nexus One, as it turned out, was basically just a minor update to existing Android powered mobile devices. Google got a lot of hype when it was learned that everyone can buy the phone over the web, but that too came crashing down when it turned out that a contract between the user and the service provider, which is T-Mobile, had to be ironed out. In retrospect, selling the device over the web wasn’t so hot after all, everyone is doing it already.

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A Walkthrough Of Windows 7 Security Features

In the PC world, Microsoft’s Windows 7 is already gaining a high satisfaction rate, yet there are many issues arising with the operating system’s new security features. Both IT personnel and users in general are still coping with deltas and configurations applied in Windows 7.

Below is a walkthrough of Windows 7 security deltas and some suggestions to go with it.

UAC (User Account Control)

The update in User Account Control is one of the most remarkable improvements in Windows 7. Default setting has reduced number of prompts for low risk administrative tasks, yet administrators can configure prompt level by the use of a slider bar.

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Smartphones- The New Target Of Scams

Beware smartphone users! Cyber hackers are now back to business, targeting your mobile phones.

Not so long before, dial-up web users experienced a hoax called Trojan dialers. The phone modems of the unwary victims were hacked resulting to whooping telephone bills.

The dial-up web hacking was stopped when broadband internet access was introduced. Although just recently, security experts found out that smartphone users are victimized using the same method.

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