Data loss prevention

You do not think about the safety of corporate data? The competition will be happy!

Dissatisfied employee, preoccupation, random burglary, Internet attack. Today there are many ways how to lose important data. News of thefts or leakages of secret data have become as frequent as news of road accidents.

Ignorance does not protect

Many managers do not realize that insufficient data protection in their company can cause remarkable financial losses. Some of the do not know that these problems are real threats. Another part managers do not accredit the DLP (data loss prevention) any importance in order to save eventual costs of the DLP system. However, only few of them then add how much they would lose if the competition obtained their sensitive data.

Small company, big problems

Leakage or theft of data of a big company are interesting matters for the press. A similar problem can have unpleasant consequences even for small companies. Something, which would be a mere fluctuation in the stock value chart for an international corporation, could destroy a small or medium company. For example, if a technical specification of a key product leaked, the company could get into trouble. The competition is always active.

DLP system – protect your information as well as your investments

If you own offices or factory buildings in areas with high crime rate, you have certainly invested in the security of objects and corporeal property. It is also advisable to invest in security of your data.

DLP systems – decrease the risk of loss and misuse of important information. They mainly focus on possible thefts of data by employees inside the company and eventual misuse of access to corporate data. They reach their aim in several ways (particular procedures depend on the selected system):

• They watch where the data is saved in the corporate network.

• They monitor who uses which data.

• They control if the information do not leak (e-mail, downloading on USB disks).

• They monitor activities on all stations in the corporate network.

• They process the history of executed transfers and operations with sensitive data.

• They offer other services for higher safety (control of working stations, installed software, encrypting of saved information etc.).

The used systems can be divided into network systems (which monitor activities in network between computers) and station systems (so called host-based, which monitor each working station, the program is installed on each computer). Some solutions can combine both approaches, thus providing complex coverage of corporate computer infrastructure.

Systems which are installed on each computer can usually provide more services from athe above stated list because apart from the computer network they monitor what is happening with the computer.

How to choose a suitable DLP system

If you are one of those who do not want to be passive regarding eventual data loss, you should think about how robust solution need before you purchase and use a DLP system. Everything depends on the value of data you need to protect. It is like with money – the more you need to save, the better vault you buy. In analogy: the more important data you have and the higher protection level (encrypting, monitoring of used programs and data movements) you need, the more complex system you buy.

Satisfaction is important

If you wisely decide to protect your corporate data with a DLP system, look for the one which will suit your demands best. One of the deciding elements can also be the credibility of the provider of the solution, the number of achieved awards or user-friendly technical support in English.

Using DLP system is an advantage in competitors fight. Your customers and partners will certainly appreciate that their data are safe and sound with you.


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