Effective Game Therapies for Different Illnesses

According to the study conducted at the Indiana University School of Medicine, constant participation in playing games can be a helpful approach in treating individuals with illnesses such as stroke, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy. This alternative physical therapy will doubtlessly be more pleasurable and appreciated by these patients.

Game Therapy That Heals

A test was performed within the homes of three subjects, requiring them to carry out hand exercises by playing computer games five times a week for thirty minutes. The gaming consoles and gloves used were custom made for each of the three patients. This allows researchers to observe individual inputs and change the difficulty level of the challenges depending on the subject’s ability.

Game therapies might be able to yield more gratifying results compared to the traditional programs, mainly because it is more satisfying and does not require great effort. In this alternative therapy, there will be no need to travel and schedule for a therapist. All required materials are set up within the patient’s house where he can personally conduct the therapy by following simple instructions from the experts. The test with the three subjects showed visible improvements in their motor abilities like grasping, lifting and controlling objects with their damaged hands.

Play Attention Games as a Rehab Therapy

Are you a parent having problems with your ADHD child’s over active behavior? If you are in need of a solution with your child’s attention problem, then the Play Attention Games by Games for Life is what you need. The UK-based company is introducing rehab therapy for ADHD patients in the form of video games.

Included in the Play Attention gaming program are specially designed software and an attractive red helmet created with EEG sensors to interpret user’s brainwaves. These games require focus providing attention training for easily distracted individuals.

The therapy should be implemented for twelve months, two to three times a week. A 12-weeks test conducted in ten ADHD diagnosed students produced successful results in regards with the subject’s concentration. The Play Attention system for home use roughly costs three thousand dollars.

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