Firefox 3.6- Review Of A Promising Browser

Another improvement in the world of web browsing is soon to be experienced. The upcoming launch of Firefox 3.6 is a promising event and should be looked forward. While Google Chrome was dubbed as the fastest browser and Internet Explorer declining in the web browser market, Firefox 3.6 will surely have a good fight in the browser wars.

As soon as Mozilla launched a released candidate of Firefox 3.6 last Friday, January 09 many started testing its pace. I, on the other hand used old computers such as Dell 530S desktops to test the performance of the said browser. Here’s a review of Firefox 3.6 progress.

Better Performance

Firefox 3.6 compared to Firefox 3.5.6, the latest version of Mozilla out in the market is absolutely better. It uses lesser memory space opposed to its predecessor. With prolonged use Firefox 3.6 showed a much improved performance.  This may not be a striking feature for others but if you are using multiple tabs at once in a given time, better memory use is a big deal. If you will remember Firefox 3.5.6 has memory problems and this slows down a computer’s performance. While testing Firefox 3.6, I experienced no problem regarding memory use. Apparently, Mozilla was finally able to fix the problem and for me this is definitely a good reason to upgrade browser.

Another noticeable change is the speed of the browser. The new Firefox is exceptionally faster than Firefox 3.5.6. The updated feature of Firefox to run scripts using fixed time intervals is the reason for having a faster browser. Firefox 3.6 can run all scripts on a page at the same time while the older versions of Firefox need to finish downloading the first script before starting the next one. This is a huge progress especially when one is downloading a site with numerous scripts.

Unlike before, Firefox performance with sites using JavaScript can only be considered passable but Firefox 3.6 changed this impression. The new version proved that is now more suitable and better to use. Compared to Firefox 3.5.6, the new version functions much faster in regards with the JavaScript test done. Thanks to TraceMonkey which is the browser’s updated JavaScript engine. While using Windows XP, Firefox 3.5.6 runs a speed of 3034.4 milliseconds, whereas Firefox 3.6 only needs 1007.0 milliseconds to run a site.

The changes in performances is really outstanding but still can’t beat Google Chrome’s level which only requires 553.0 milliseconds to run a program.

Added Features

Firefox 3.6 is not all about speed but also offers newly added features making it a powerful browser.

Tweaking your browser is now a choice in Firefox 3.6. Users who like to change the face of their browser will definitely enjoy the Personas gallery. Techies can personalize the browser by using XML User Interface language or you can just select a theme you want from the 35,000 available designs. These themes are ready to use and are easy to install and remove with just one click. With the Persona feature, users can jazz up their browser according to their own preference.

Another beneficial feature of Firefox 3.6 is the automatic checking of plug-ins. With this feature users will be informed when their plug-ins are outdated. Occurrence of security and browsing problems are mostly caused by out of date plug-ins, thus having this feature is really important. This is good news for Firefox users especially those who are unable to regularly check security updates, because now they will be automatically informed. This feature is something that other browsers should try to employ.

Firefox 3.6 also revised its support for HTML5. The improved version allows full screen video and grants users to utilize local files with online applications. This feature imposes a greater value especially nowadays that computer and software application are becoming limited.

On the contrary, Firefox 3.6 disabled users to install third-party programs in its internal directory. Firefox programmers believed that frozen and not responding browsers are commonly caused by not working plug-ins and extensions. A downside is that users are also unable to access and disable already installed add-ons upon their liking.

Supposedly, these features were created to make Firefox more reliable. Still programmers believed that some extensions need rebuilding in order to be used with Firefox 3.6. Even though Firefox extensions are not completely stable, many are still willing to endure this flaw because Firefox promise of an unfailing browser is something users will definitely await.

For the sake of those who are concerned with extension problems, worry no more because in the test done, important extensions like Google Toolbar and Bookmark Tool are promptly working in the Firefox 3.6

Personally, I think that Firefox 3.6 is an absolutely impressing browser. Even though Chrome is speedier and has extension support system, Firefox 3.6 should still be given a warm applause because it surpassed its old versions. Apparently, this new browser is something Linux and Windows users should try.

Google Chrome and Internet Explorer should definitely look out for Firefox 3.6

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