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If slow PC performance is slowing you down, don’t waste money on a new computer. Speed things up and get things done with PerfectDisk. PerfectDisk’s patented defragmentation and free space consolidation technologies keep your computer running like new so you can work faster — and save money.

And now you can get your computer up to speed for less: Get 10% off PerfectDisk 10 for just 10 days only. Take advantage of this special offer by January 31, 2010 and you’ll also get a FREE upgrade to the soon-to-be-released PerfectDisk 11. Just enter promo code PD10JAN at checkout.

Keep Your Computer & Windows Home Server Running Like New

• Boost PC Performance: See faster boot times, fewer crashes and fewer software hangs. • Work Faster: Stream video, browse the web, download music and edit pictures with ease.

• Free Up Disk Space: Get the largest piece of free space available from your PC and Windows Home Server.

• Experience PerfectDisk 11: Work even faster in 2010 with PerfectDisk 11 – delivered to you free as soon as it’s available when you take advantage of our limited offer.

Download here:

PerfectDisk Home Edition

PerfectDisk Professional

PerfectSpeed PC Optimizer

Slow start ups and hanging software programs can slow you down. But you don’t have to upgrade to a brand new machine. This year, make a commitment to keep your PC running like new with PerfectDisk — the world’s smartest defragmenter.

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