A Guide to Knowing What Microsoft Knows About You

Remember the website Cryptome? This site was quite popular because it posted information such as confidential corporate documents or sensitive government data on its pages for those interested in browsing them. However, it was recently shut down when it posted a kind of guide for spies for those enforcing the law. This handbook, called the ‘Microsoft Online Services Global Criminal Compliance Handbook’, basically outlines the different kinds of information that Microsoft Corporation retains and controls on its customers. This is the kind of information that it can get from when you join and use Hotmail, Office Live, or even Xbox Live!

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Sony Introduces Prototype of New Line of Compact Alpha Cameras

It is an exciting year for camera enthusiasts as a whole line of new digital cameras is making its way into the market for the public to choose from. Followers of Sony’s stylish line of personal electronic items are closely monitoring the development of a new compact camera model with the picture taking capability of a DSLR. A prototype of the gadget was revealed at Photo Marketing Association (PMA) 2010 in Anaheim, California. The best part is that this new model will carry the Alpha brand, and because of its DSLR features, this particular model is capable of using interchangeable lenses.

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419 Fraud by Gullible/Greedy Folks Still Victimizing Thousands

Do you still remember getting email about a friend who got stranded somewhere in a foreign land and is out of cash? In desperation, he contacts you begging for money so that he can go home. How about getting a letter from someone in Africa who is about to inherit a large amount of money but has to get some “start-up” funding so that he can transfer the funds from one bank to another? Because of the large sum involved, he is willing to repay the money you loan him many times over. E-mails like this have received much attention from the internet thus most of them have been relegated to the spam section Yet, despite it being clearly spam, we still receive it today. The reason for its long life is that e-mail practically costs nothing to send. With the help of email address harvesting software, a one-man operation can send one scam letter to millions of recipients. Assuming 1 percent of the recipients are gullible, it amounts to 1000 people who are greedy enough to send 100 dollars to the scammer. Not bad money for practically nothing.

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Business Knowledge Sharing Through Social Networking

If there is anything that is helping businesses today, it is the social networking sites that have appeared online in the past decade. With these social network sites, people are able to stay connected and share a special kind of knowledge, outside just pure data, with other people and organizations.

This kind of knowledge is also known as ‘tacit knowledge’ which is knowledge that is accumulated over time and is exactly neither explicit nor accessible to people around us. Dr. David Jacobson the PricewaterhouseCoopers Canada Director of Emerging Technologies says that social networking has opened businesses up to a whole new arena of unlocking this kind of language and sharing it with others online.

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Decking Out Your Home Office With Cool Gadgets

Having your office at home doesn’t mean that you have to stick to the run-of-the-mill standard office layout and design. When you are at home and have to work there as well, it simply means that you have all the freedom to make it as comfortable a place to both rest and work all at the same time!

There are many products out there that you can buy to deck out your home office. All you have to do is find out which gadgets and technologies you can best utilize to make life and work so much easier. Here are just a few things, keeping convenience, comfort, and price in mind, that you may want to decorate and equip your home office with.

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Apple Innovations Over the Years

With Steve Jobs’ comeback in 1998 to the Apple Company, he has only brought the company forward with his novel gadget ideas and innovative developments. With the recent release of the iPad, one cannot help but look back and see the different Apple products that have captured the world’s attention and brought Apple to the forefront of communications technology. With these revolutionary gadgets and technologies, people always look forward to what Apple will come up with the following year. Here is a timeline of the different Apple releases that have made waves through the years:

1998 – The Release of the iMac

This model was a hit because of the bright colors it came in, the great keyboards, and the monitors with a translucence that made it look trendy. The makeover had the younger crowds begging their parents to get them the iMac and offices mix and matching them with their furniture. It also introduced the use of USB sticks and ports instead of floppy disk drives. With this initial step, Apple was just starting a whole slew of innovations that would later have the world reeling.

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2010 Malware Maladies

The picture is changing for the security landscape of online threats. If e-mail has been the dominant source of viruses and Trojans for the past two to three years, experts believe that malware that comes from Web 2.0 sites will be the biggest security threat for 2010. Because of wildly popular Web 2.0 technologies like social networking sites, hackers and phishers are looking at sites like Facebook and Twitter as launching pads for a new generation of viruses and other forms of malware. Almost a quarter of security experts that were surveyed by Webroot fully believe that such threats are harder to manage than e-mail clients.

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Zoner Photo Studio 12 – the basic tool of the photographer

Taking a photo of the landscape, scene or interesting action or person is just one part of getting a fancy photography. The same important thing is adjusting this photo in appropriate software. The very handy solution is just Zoner Photo Studio which is now available in v12.

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