Copernic Desktop Search now compatible with W7!

Copernic Desktop Search is now fully compatible with Windows 7!  CDS Professional is designed for small & medium size business owners and professionals who want to free up their time so they can focus on their clients. CDS Professional lets you quickly find everything that helps you do business – files, emails, contracts, presentations and more.As a realtor, recruiter, lawyer, accountant, or any other similar type of professional, staying organized is key to productivity. You know you have the file, email or folder and CDS Professional will find it for you instantly. Whether to find results as you type or to scan a quick preview of any found document – CDS Professional will empower you in your business.

What is new?

•     Extended support to “Suspend indexing while computer resources are highly used” option on Windows Vista / 7

•     Extended support to set CDS as the default desktop search program on Windows 7 Fixes

•     Fixed issues with “Suspend indexing when computer runs on battery power” option

•     Fixed minor graphical glitches on Windows Vista / 7

•     Fixed installation issues with the deskbar on Windows 7

Download Copernic Desktop Search Professional here !

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