ESET Smart Security 4

The base of this security bundle consists of four modules.  User is protected against viruses and spyware, also protected against spam. Firewall is an important part and cannot be missing.  There are more functions than they appear.  On regular basis the interface is set to offer everything necessary for beginners.   Advanced users can simply shift to extended mode where they can select from all functions and tools included in the extended mode.

Activity graph in advanced mode

Useful activity graph displays network or drive activity. Firewall displays all programs and processes which are just accessing network interface. Displayed is local and remote IP address (with possibility to change it to PC names) and amount of received and sent data. Firewall since installation works in automatic mode, and as we could turn it off, we left the module to decide and to create rules. There is no need to verify permanent notifications regarding all applications accessing the internet.

Antispam module has well system requirements. E-mail client was not slowed down during start neither during spam receiving. The same situation happens with other modules.

A lots of settings will definitely overlap real needs of many users. We agreed that all default parameters at all integrated modules and default attributes set by producer don’t need to be changed at all. Each part is well adjusted, so that after installation ends system will work perfectly with no necessary intervention.

SysInspector creates a special record which allows you to compare your PC status and in case of any problem will help you to analyze the problem in registry, or with drivers etc. It’s good to create this special record after installation is done, and keep it for next comparing in the future.

The main part of the scan core is Anti-Stealth technology to detect rootkits, heuristic control scans all of unknown codes, and has ability to analyze possibly dangerous code based on his generic status.

Included ThreatSense.NET service sends suspicious code samples to producer server, where they are consequently analyzed and processed to make the producers reaction quicker while ESET creates more effective protection.

In times, when are all producers trying to bring new modules, ESET Smart Security 4 retains its lucidity and easy control.

Download ESET Smart Security 4 (32 bit) here! Download ESET Smart Security 4 (64 bit) here!

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