Find The Best Outsourcing Information Security

Information security is nothing new. But outsourcing information security is a new matter. As technology gets more complex, adapting to new changes can be a step forward.

One way to address security gaps is to outsource information security. With the benefits far outweighing the costs, one need not find it very difficult to justify the monetary costs of getting security systems.

There are various ways to protect information and information systems from unauthorized activities. Technical security products that offer antivirus, firewalls, and intrusion detection while technical security services like security event management, penetration testing, and incident response are must-have security solutions. But these are not enough.

Information security technically consists of a collective subset of various domains. In order to function properly, all domains are controlled to operate seamlessly. These controls are set in company policies, standards, and guidelines. Outsourcing information security is never a simple matter.

Breaking up components has been possible. But there are inherent issues like incompatible operating systems and lack of enabling laws dealing with propriety of information security practices. Businesses have to decide on their information security investmentby considering legal obligations, cost/benefit analysis, risk analysis, including intangibles like ethical obligations. Getting to the right decision is not easy.

Cheaper alternatives are simple to find. For the same cost, an outsourcer can do it better. Or it may be done by the outsourcer in the same manner, or not as well, but at a lower cost. Butdespite the advantages, a company is better off in keeping some functions. One should not assign to assign to an outsourcer its“core business” to keep intellectual properly in constant growth, or those “perceived to be core business” to maintain its good standing in the market.

There is a wide array of outsourcing information security. “Security as a Service” commonly manages all aspects of information security through firewalls and antivirus. But unless there is trustworthy external validation, these are not fail-safe. Alternatively, security operationswill rely ona third party to process security issues coming from devices like firewalls, IDS appliances, generic network equipment, and infrastructure. But security operations should not be left entirely in the hands of another.

While aWAN outsourcing company is an option, it is not totally secure as private circuits oftelecommunications company are often used; and Telcosarevulnerable to unauthorized connections and are rarely protected from external assaults. Conversely, penetration testing as a complex service should be outsourced. But since it merely deals with existing vulnerabilities, it cannot quite catch up with newweaknesses. PCI standards can also help improve security. Some companies meet the minimum requirement to protect cardholder data while some will outsource all card payment functions. Although the payment system is secure, there might be lapses in security.

If a company needs to outsource, it needs to properly train a dedicated employee for security. Never outsource security in its entirety. If a third party is contracted to provide support services, there should be proper checks by an in-house security specialist.

Should one consider a turnkey solution from an integrator, be aware that the business of integrators is focused on delivering what has been asked for the lowest price. The key is to get an independent reviewer before installing the turnkey.

It is advisable to undertake mock incidents to ensureeffective response measures. In outsourcing, there is a low level of assurance without the controls. Companies can now demand the delivery of complete security requirements from both within and external outsourcing partners.

A good outsourcing information security makes for a wise business decision.

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