How to install Turbo Pascal on Windows 7 64bit

For all Turbo Pascal fans we have prepared instructions how to install Turbo Pascal on 64 bit version of Windows 7.

1. Install the software DOSBox ver 0.73 : download here
2. Create new folder, for example „Tp“ (c:\Tp\)
3. Download Turbo Pascal here and extract all files from to c:\Tp\

4. Go to Start Menu and click on “Configuration” and then “Edit Configuration“.

Then scroll down to the very end, and add the lines which you want to automatically execute when DOSBox starts.

5. Scroll down to the very end, and add the lines:

mount d c:\tp\


cd bin


6. In the Turbo Pascal goto Options>Directories> Change the source of TP to the source directory [D]
( i.e. virtual D: refers to original C:\TP\ . So make the path change to something like D:\…)

Please note!
Full screen: Alt and Enter

When you exit from the DOSBox (precisely when you unmount the virtual drive where Turbo Pascal has been mounted) all the files you have saved or made changes in Turbo Pascal will be copied into the source directory (the directory which contains TP folder)

Don’t use shortcut keys to perform operations in TP because they might be a shortcut keys for DOSBox also. Eg: Ctrl+F9 will exit DOSBox instead of running the code.


  • jami

    Good alternative is Lazarus

  • MailerDemon

    Nothing Worked
    I seriously need Help

    • Hassassin


      just follow the steps… do in step 5 you have to put:
      mount d c:\tp\TurboPascal-7.0\ {which is the folder directly containing the “BIN” folder, if not it won’t find it.
      The rest is the same.

  • Mic

    download a frontends is better solution to use simpely DOS BOX:
    look at this following link:
    personnaly i use D-Fend Reloded

  • Mikey

    Pardon me for my ignorance but I don’t quite get step 6. Could you kindly please include a picture, where to find that Options/Directories? And how to run the program afterwards using DOSBox?

  • Thomas

    Hello.thx for pascal,it works perfectly.Ihave got only one problem.I cant work with files like .txt, becouse it writes ,,the path not found”.i give the path in program,but it doesent find may I will have my exams in high school,it will be good,if somabody helps mee.thanks

  • i have problems too with TPX file, but i’ve resolve with problem so:

    mount c c:\tp\


    cd bin


  • 1. You must copy TP to D:\
    2. Then correct

    “mount c c:\tp\


    cd bin

    “mount c d:\tp\


    cd bin


    I have a problem: when i try to RUN a program(in TP7 ofcouse) its write “Turbo Pascal Ver 7.0 Copyright (c) 1983,91 Borland…”
    what it is ???

    • Albert

      hey dima, I think I have an answer to you problem. Try to compile you file from “game”.TP to “game”.exe then go to the folder “TP” and find “game”.exe. drag it to you desktop or to another folder or puplish it on the internet. if you start the game in exe mode the “Turbo Pascal Ver 7.0 Copyright…” is gone.

      How to Compile: clik on <> in menu or tap Alt-F9, then a new window will popup in max. 5 sec. press any key and you are back to the editer window. Turbo Pascal has now Compilet your to an exe file.

  • Thomas

    thanks 4 help.I tried it,but it does not work.
    “path not found”-the same problem.have you got an another idea ?!?

  • Albert

    Hey Thomas, did you try to run Turbo Pascal with out the DOSBOX, it’s very

    How to do it: Unzip all files in the Turbo_pacal_7.0 folder. Open the folder “BIN” and dubble clik on the program “Turbo” if a virus secureti window is pupping up clik permit and then Turbo Pascal hopefully is driveing. If it dosen’t works download Turbo Pascal ver 7 again and repeat.
    I dont have windows-7 but windows-vista i’m almost sure it is the same.
    If you wont to read a DOS_text/TXT or edit it, drag it to the Turbo program in the Turbo_Pascal7.0 folder and then its driving!

    Ps. when you open the “Turbo” file a window is poping op whith the text “ivalid file or extension” then clik ok.

  • Francisco

    Olá pessoa! Eu conseguir mais no ítem 4 colocando no final do arquivo EDIT (bloco de notas) o seguinte:

    mount c: \ tp \

    cd tp
    cd bin

    E claro, obdecendo rigorosamente todos os ítens.

  • Jurijs

    Before this hint pascal started but compilation not worked, but now it won’t start at all.

  • montejos

    I have a problem with the “;” I cannot put it.
    does anybody knows what could it be?

  • Joseph

    Pls help! I can’t type apostrophe (‘) in my pascal environment.

  • jean

    i don’t see the “configuration” and “edit conf” help please

  • Jean, here it is:

    Open it, scroll down, and pase the commands.

    I have problems with the apostrophe too… :S

  • ju

    the apostrophe works on my keyboard ([Shift]+[the key next to return/above the right shift-key]).
    Maybe check your keyboardlayout (you can set it right above the autoexec-part in the configuration file of dosbox.).
    I’m using a german keyboard – the apostrophe has its usual place.

    It is also possible to download language stuff for dosbox (haven’t tried it yet).

  • ju

    “the apostrophe has its usual place” means I type it on my keyboard where I type it in any other application.

    @ascension: Maybe dosbox doesn’t support Hungarian??

    Good Luck!

  • ju

    How to use [Ctrl]+[F9] (“Run”) without closing down dosbox:

    1. press [ctrl]+[F1] while running pascal to view/change the mapper commands.

    2. click on “ShutDown”,
    3. then (click) on “del”,
    4. then (click) “add”
    5. and then type (!) any key on your keyboard
    (e.g. press “q” on your keyboard, then click “mod1” in the lower left corner to close dosbox with [ctrl]+[q])
    6. click on “save”

    Now you can use [ctrl]+[F9] in pascal as usual and [crtl]+[q] to close dosbox.

    You can do the same with [ctrl]+[F1] (for topic search) by clicking on “mapper” and changing the command as described above.

    To reset the mapping, just run the “Reset KeyMapper”-file in the dosbox folder.

  • Joseph

    Pls help me, My current DOSBox version 0.73 does not permit ‘ in my pascal program. This means I can’t string my characters. Help!

  • Aso

    Lets make it clear 🙂 I cant type apostrophe and it is one of the main things about writing a code in my can we fix it?


  • gajendra nath shukla

    thanks a lot .i have successfully installed c++ in windows7 64 bit version using dosbox

  • Brown

    Why DosBox keep saying “unable to change” to any folder, I tried to run the program as an administrator, same o thing 🙁

  • Phan Minh Tien

    the install wrote: too many subdirectories. i don`t setup. help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • pradina

    excuse me ,,
    i’am don’t see the configuration on the start menu – DosBox.
    just a file extra adn option there ..
    help me soon,please!!!
    (kalau bisa jawabnya pakai bahasa indonesia)
    thanks ..

  • Tina

    Sorry, I meant “you need no confguration” ** 😛

  • abdel hamid


  • bongos

    Chciałem sie spytać ten punkt 4 i 5 to nie sa takie same.. bo czegoś tu nie rozumiem na obrazku pisze mount d c:\tp\ , d:, cd bin, turbo…w 5 punkcie jest to samo polecenie tylko zamiast turbo jest TPX oraz mount dc zamiast mount d … wiec jak z ty7m jest..

  • ggg

    I cant understand Step 6, what exacly u tell us to do?
    open options>directories what next? change what to what? screenshot would be great.

  • juan


  • Dido

    Even when I type a simple program, which to calculate the perimeter of a triangle, I get a window in which I type my both numbers, and when I click Enter(to see the answer) the window closes by itself.. :S

  • Szekler

    Hey, I have the same problem all the time, I try to use the graph unit, but the Pascal can’t find it, I tried all the way to solve this, but it doesn’t work (Windows 7). I need the solution for Windows 7 platform, thanks for those who help me.

    Váncsa Szilárd, Romania.

  • ghostmaroc

    Hey Dido don’t forget the Readln at the end of your algorithm its the one responsible for the Dos window not to close..otherwise the program runs but doesn’t display anything… hope it helped ya

  • Andreas

    Great program.
    But I have problem with wincrt.
    When I type “uses wincrt” it doesn’t regognise it.

    Do you know how can I solve this problem.


  • Navoj

    For those who have problems typing the apostrophe, just press ctrl+F1, then you can see a keyboard, click the apostrophe there, click the ‘del’ shown below. Click ‘add’ again and press any key in your keyboard where you want to assign the apostrophe key. Then Click ‘save’ and exit. Thats all. The apostophe will now work when you press the newly defined key.

  • Amrit virk

    thankussssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss for dwonload

  • Rio

    I cannot find the “Edit Configuration” option…
    Could it be what ?

  • israr

    thanks good work

  • Yay! it really works but.. the dosbox that u mentioned there have no configuration,,, change that so the people will get the ryt installation..
    opening turbo.exe doesn’t really work
    i Opened DOsbox, it brings the same look as turbo pascal,,, is it okay?? normal???

  • Srdjan

    Can anybody help me? I have a problem when I run the program… For example, if I want to run a simple program which calculate the sum of two numbers, then in program when I enter first and second number, and press enter, it brings me back to the begining screen (blue), and when I want to start the program again, i can’t… Actually, I can’t even open any of the tasks in the menu bar… HELP, PLEASE… Maybe I made a trivial mistake, but forgive me, I am beginner…

  • Nobody

    Work!!!!!!! Thanksssssssssss ……:D

  • Bence

    I have problem with unit graph…when i use graph it writes error:15 file not found(graph.tpu)

  • Robert

    Thank you very much!It really works for me. 😉

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