Norton Ghost 15

The latest version of hard drive backup program is now compatible with Windows 7. Comparing to previous version we find out that interface is kept the way as it was before and gained something more. The base of program is an automatic backup of hard drives or cloning it and creating the restore points in case of functionality failure.

Basic interface informs you about backup status. Threatcon shows virus danger in the world.

Backup and restore

Program displays backup hard drive usage and illustrates the rate of used and free space on cake graph.  The third information on this graph illustrates the total size of all backups.

When installation is finished Norton Ghost will integrate to your system and will launch a special application on the background. Program is able to find the most suitable memory medium for backup. (supports also Blu-ray discs).  Norton will place all of copied data into his own created directory.  We like this process and it worked well during system restore from special ISO image, which could be created after installation. Files are compressed and stored into a special format of the program.  Program is able to perform everything necessary automatically in consideration of secondary user settings before beginning of process.

Daily calendar

is an independent part of the program. It displays status of each task. Based on this you can see those days when was concrete backup done. Except total disc copy which is done each week as a standard there is document backup processed every day.  Creating your own schedule does not require any special knowledge, and all you need to do is check which type of files you want to backup, what is good for beginners.

Symantec ThreatCon

This service provides data protection in case of raising spread of virus infections. It applies in one of steps, while you create your backup plan for each backup job separately and based on risk level the selected backup is performed.

What is new?

This program contains also specialties for advanced users, e.g. can create images for virtual machines on VMware or Hyper-V platform. We appreciate the possibility of creating backups without need to install Norton Ghost.  It is named Cold Imaging and this is a novelty in this version. Thanks to this, you can use this program as a service application in more computers. You can also backup to remote FTP server and your backups can be protected by strong code AES. If your computer has built in Trusted Platform Module chip, you will appreciate full support of Windows Bitlocker function.  In case you use previous version of Norton Ghost, the backup files created since v12 will be fully supported, so you don’t need to worry about changing software version.

The price of this program is not high, we ascertain that is reasonable in regard to its possibilities. User gets a comprehensive program to create and restore backups, which works automatically. You will get a booting disc to restore data or to retrieve damaged operation system.  Comparing to previous versions we rate it as essentially swifter, with minimal system performance demands.

Download Norton Ghost 15 here!

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