Nuance PDF Reader

The leading supplier of Speech recognition, Imaging, PDF and OCR solutions, is  announcing the release of the Nuance PDF Reader, which enables users to do much more than just view PDF files. It takes up less disk space, is more secure than Adobe® Reader®, and works with virtually any PDF file. Best of all, it’s absolutely free, proving that you really can get a whole lot of something for nothing.

Nuance PDF Reader

What sets Nuance PDF Reader apart from other free PDF software?

It’s the only free PDF reader that includes features typically found in premium products. Consider these advantages:

• Convert PDF files to Word, Excel, or RTF!

• Fill and save PDF forms

• Use less disk space

• Annotate PDFs

• Keep your documents safe

• Enjoy 100% compatibility with Adobe® Acrobat®

• Work with PDF portfolios

Download NUANCE PDF Reader here!

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