Photoshop in the pocket

You can try oversimplified version of Adobe Photoshop on your mobile device. Specifically program Mobile is available for Apple iPhone/iPod Touch, Google Android and Windows Mobile (touch screen and smart phone).


In term of available functions, this is not a program containing a great number of features, it mainly suppose to serve to make basic operations with images.  In consideration of fact, that you can modify it anywhere in mobile device, it is a good applicable program.

How does it look like?

In the top of display you can find menu icons. By clicking on it, the main menu opens. You can rotate images, crop, or reflect it. You can also find effects like sketch to create hand-lettered photography, exposition, brightness, grayscale, etc.  The specialty of this program is effect that can apply rainbow on the image.

You can use this program for free so we recommend trying it.

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