Sony Introduces Prototype of New Line of Compact Alpha Cameras

It is an exciting year for camera enthusiasts as a whole line of new digital cameras is making its way into the market for the public to choose from. Followers of Sony’s stylish line of personal electronic items are closely monitoring the development of a new compact camera model with the picture taking capability of a DSLR. A prototype of the gadget was revealed at Photo Marketing Association (PMA) 2010 in Anaheim, California. The best part is that this new model will carry the Alpha brand, and because of its DSLR features, this particular model is capable of using interchangeable lenses.

But this is not all! Another cutting edge feature of the camera includes an APS C sized sensor. The sensor captures light entering the lens and converts it into digital signals. Unlike CCD sensors, the APS has much faster response times and lower fabrication costs. This is definitely something that many Sony enthusiasts are anticipating.

With this new Sony model, and unlike traditional SLRs, there is no shutter plane that blocks light from hitting the sensor when the camera shutter is closed. Because of this feature, full video recording at 1080p resolution in AVCHD format is possible, which is another big plus for all camera lovers out there who are looking for an upgrade for their current Sony camera model.

With the absence of the shutter plane, users have to use the LCD monitor at the back of the camera for image composition instead of the more traditional viewfinder. With its small size and exceptional video recording capability, Sony is targeting the millions of compact camera users to enter a more high-end market composed of various exchangeable lenses and flashes. The camera is intended to sit between cheaper compact models and more expensive Alpha DSLR units. This is a new level of affordable cameras that integrate expensive features that are usually present on more high-end camera models, which is great news for those with less cash to blow on the usual expensive models that already have these features.

While details on how the lens is mounted on to the camera are still unknown, it was made clear by Sony that a simpler design is in the offing. For the amateur or the experienced users, what one simply needs to do when attaching a detachable lens is to snap it on or off. Commentators noted that a magnetic mounting system could be applicable for this kind of setup to work really well.

One proposed functionality of the camera includes a one-touch sweep Panorama mode, advanced scene recognition mode, and a handheld twilight mode. The last feature would enable users to merge six images together to get low a light picture that is free from noise.

This is not the first compact camera with exchangeable lenses on the market. Olympus PEN has 3 models of compact sized cameras starting from the basic E-PL1 to the high end E-P2 brands.

The camera is forecasted to be ready for the market later on during 2010.

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