Advanced Uninstaller FREE

Advanced Uninstaller FREE is an application which gives you the ability to easily and completely remove any program from your computer, deleting all traces and leftovers. The latest release features full support for Windows 7, Vista and XP, full support for both 32 bit and 64 bit platforms, an updated installation monitor and also an in-depth uninstallation scanner able to perform a thorough cleanup even for applications that were installed a long time ago.

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The Communications Server Is To Be Updated By Microsoft

Microsoft Corporation has planned to unleash a newer version of its celebrated Office Communications Server (OCS). The package is being expected to be made public by late 2010. Mr. G. S. Pall, the CVP of Microsoft’s auspicious Unified Communications Group has thrown light on the possibilities related to this technology update. The novel characteristic features of the new edition package will include better orchestration of the software with MS Exchange Server 2010 and MS SharePoint 2010. Further, e911 and improved voice recognition systems will cater to the dimensions of added security and functions.

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Give Up Those Seven Bad Technology Habits

You go for a walk, pray everyday, brush your teeth twice a day, and pay the taxes due in time. In simpler terms, you are brimming up with good habits. However, when technology comes into the picture, we seem to be going the other way around. Are you aware of the fact that cluttering your desktop with different icons, saving your passwords in a notepad, and making incomplete backup once in a month, are actually some of the bad technology habits? There are a number of more bad technology habits that people tend to be going on with it, without realizing the harm that you are doing to your personal computer.

The good news is that you can always fix your bad technology habits for managing your desktop computer with the same amounts of care and acumen that you practice while taking care of your body.

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Empower Your Valued Printer With Diverse Utilities

Perk up your output, save paper and ink, and augment your ingenious projects with these certain printing-focused solutions. Generally, and unfortunately, the professionals do not pay much importance to the printing devices. But the printers can really be a winning partner in obtaining clever business solutions. This machine has a lot of facets and power to improve the overall output of creative businesses.

Following is a list of ten printer solutions in the form of different downloadable utilities and tools. These electronic contrivances can lessen consumption of ink and paper, print out DVD and CD labels, produce posters, and create business cards … and even that is just the auspicious beginning. So, these affordably priced apps and utilities must be scrutinized. They are perchance the best tools that would unlock the printer’s real potential.

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The Story Of Windows: Its Development Process From Being A Vaporware To Becoming A Reality

This story has been dictated by the product manager, Tandy Trower, of that company and responsible for this tour of windows. He talks out how the product was earlier just a troubling dream and now the major OS for everyone.

Not many people have known the Microsoft like Tandy Trower. He had been with the company for almost twenty eight years. When he was presented with the project of Windows 1.0 it was known to be the ruin of career. Many had tried to work on it but had to be relocated with some other project or left the company. Being influenced by this, he felt that he was to embark with an impossible task and maybe would meet the same consequence. However, the experience that he has recorded here talks about something else; it is the recollection of his experience with this development of windows.

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