Advanced Exchange Recovery is now updated

DataNumen, Inc. announces the immediate availability of Advanced Exchange Recovery v2.5, a major update that includes the following new features:

– The most of the OST recovery engine and algorithms are rewrited so that the scan and recovery speed is improved greatly, especially for recovering very large OST files.

– A new algorithm is used to reduce the memory consumption during the OST recovery process. This will eliminate the “Out of memory” errors when recovering large OST files on a computer with limited memory.

– A special algorithm is used to prevent recovering duplicate contents in the recovery process.

– Program now supports to recover multiple properties of an object in batch, so to improve the performance.

– Program now supports to recover and convert multi-valued properties.

– The compatibility of Advanced Exchange Recovery on Windows 9x systems is improved.

– The compatibility of the GUI is improved. Make sure for different display settings, Advanced Exchange Recovery will always work properly.

– Some minor bugs are fixed so that Advanced Exchange Recovery is more robust.

Advanced Exchange Recovery

Download Advanced Exchange Recovery here!

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