Lavasoft Registry Tuner

The main priority of this application is keeping the computer run flawless. Registry are inseparable part of the system and based on its correct structure depends the computer performance. Registry Tuner looks for damaged or faulty registry parts and will fix them.

Lavasoft Registry Tuner: Registry cleaning specialist. By one click you can clean registry and defragment empty free room.

When control is finished, program will display the detailed summary with short explanation, so user can choose which of them wants to be deleted and which should be kept in registry.

Registry Tuner offers also backup and optimization possibility. Especially optimization module is the greatest advantage of this program. After each cleaning is finished free space stays in registry and there is some kind of fragmentation similar to regular file defragmentation on hard drives. By merging those parts we can achieve better computer performance and start.

Download Lavasoft Registry Tuner here!

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