Microsoft Fixes Its Office Patch

The elegant company of Microsoft corroborated the launch of a Windows tool with the help of which the English text could be translated into Chinese language. The admittance came out to be the second in the previous two days from the team of a gaffe of the Microsoft Office concerning the most up-to-the-minute security update.

The announcement done on the Friday, comprised of the seven patch update that the company of Microsoft had shipped for Excel on Tuesday. As per the “Office Sustained Engineering” blog of Microsoft, they had got some of the reports from the customers of Excel 2002 and Excel 2003 customers that after the deployment of the update of KB978474 or KB978471 they could view text that was the non-English in the tab of “Add or Remove Programs” or in the “Programs and Features” tool.

Both the updates that the company of Microsoft had referred for KB978471 and KB978474 were actually the patch assortments for Excel 2003 and Excel 2002 respectively.

As per the Microsoft, the patches are exhibited in the tab of “Add or Remove Programs” in simple language of Chinese in placed of English.  “If text of English is a necessity, there is a two way workaround available, quoted Microsoft as it communicated to the users to initially uninstall the excel update of Tuesday and thereafter download and deploy a revised edition.

It was confirmed that a security hot fix launched on the Febraury 9 that geared up the .NET 4.0 to Microsoft Office2007, caused the programs of the suite to crash when they were operated on the Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services or Windows Server 2008 R2.

Crashes Caused By the Patches

A number of users also asserted that the updated also caused the Internet Explorer 8 crash when it used to operate with SharePoint 2007.

The Microsoft upgraded the hotfix which was brought forward in a confined manner in the previous month and thereafter, more vigorously by means of Microsoft Update beginning on the previous Tuesday-and changed it with some other edition that fixed the problem of the crash.  The crash causing hotfixwas also fixed on Thursday by means of Windows Server Update Services, the revamp the administration system that a number of businesses employ to offer security and other kinds of solutions to the personal computers of the company.

Microsoft has gone through a series of problems of update during the year and the most vigorously reported was that of a February revamp for the seventeen year old problem that locked the computers.

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