Mozilla Sunbird 0.9

This planner is available not only for Microsoft Windows OS, but also for Linux, Apple Mac OS X, Solaris and more. It is based on Mozilla conception so no wonder we can find some common features for example the installation of own visual themes or functional extensions.

Mozilla Sunbird

Easily we can get extension for managing Google Calendar. The main screen displays layout of specific day, week or month. There is possibility to manage more calendars. Each of them can contain own events. Program supports tasks and we can add repeats. Except details for each entry, like locality or reminder facility, user can integrate also files. If they are connected to specific event they will be always handy.

If you use e-mail client Thunderbird we recommend Lightning extension which represents Sunbird calendar in add-on extension form.

Besides of calendar you will get a full value PIM program in portable version.

Program supports also online calendars ICS, CalDAV or Sun Java System Calendar.

Download Mozilla Sunbird 9.0. here!

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