Opera 10.50 looks like Google Chrome but offers more

New user interface, quicker JavaScript, anonymous mode, better windows usage and the ability to run widgets from Windows desktop directly. This is what the early released Opera (due to Ballot screen) looks like. In June 2009 everyone expected that Opera 10.00 would be close to being finished, but they were wrong. Meanwhile Norwegian programmers unexpectedly started to work on Opera Unite, which serves today as a multifunctional web server while Operas development has continued.

Opera for Windows

Google Chrome and Firefox were improving very well so Opera developers did not want to fall behind or take too long. This was the reason to accomplish a radical surgery – separating Opera Unite and the rest of the browser and release it later.

The 10th anniversary edition of Opera was released in September 2009. Offered demanded automatic updates, grammar checks and e-mail client learned to send e-mails in html format. There are also many other improvements, simplified interface, apply buttons, extended speed dial and other windows and offered website views.

Opera Turbo handles slow internet connection, and we cannot forget to mention new rendering core which is about 40% faster compared to the previous version. A very important step was adding functions which allowed sending browser crash error reports directly to developers center. This process helped handling the system instability.

Ballot screen and angry Linux and Mac OS X users

The first Alpha version showed up a couple days before Christmas last year. It amazed almost everyone– JavaScript was accelerated 7 times and regarding this, Opera became the quickest of the all present browsers.

In January 2010 regular developing proceeded and pressure was put on development in February. Opera developers irritated Linux and Mac OS X users by telling them that development for those OS would not be priority, and they would be concentrating on Windows version. The purpose? Officially there was none, but if you have ever heard about Ballot screen, you can easily take the hint.

Opera panels

Because Microsoft had to offer alternative internet browsers, and Opera is one of them, it would be a pity not to use it. This is the reason why developers focused on Opera for Windows. More often we could find test versions and before final Opera release we could notice a huge number of RC versions. For example there was five RC versions within 5 days, it almost looked like the developers never slept.

Developers made claims on their website that Opera 10.50 had enormous and quick development. This short period is at the expense of quality. Even though Opera 10.50 looks fine there is/will be more faults on the background as it should be. At the moment we can already find some references about problems on Twitter. Many of them occur after update (reinstall) from older version of Opera. If you want to avoid many of them you better install Opera to a seperate directory.

We understand aims of Opera and its desire to become one of the parts of Ballot screen, but this is not the best approach. Release was forced and too quick. We are worried that Opera became the next “bug” version. We hope that developers will quickly work on repairs and will release updates which solve the most problems as possible. Meanwhile they began work on Linux and Mac OS X versions which will appear in next weeks.

Opera 10.50 or Google Chrome?

Do you remember Internet Explorer 7? Microsoft once removed top menu, which started long time minimalization trend. After Google Chrome showed up there was no redundant elements except some buttons, address line and big place for website. This style became popular, and Firefox and Opera proceeded the same way.

Opera still offers Opera Link, Opera Unite and Opera Turbo. There is new button for website magnification and button for hiding/showing images.

Download Opera 10.50 here!

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