Stay Awake & Workstation Session Protection

Power Save v4.1, Faronics’ is an award-winning PC power management software solution featuring enterprise control and reporting capabilities. With intelligent features that go above and beyond the basic power management settings provided by the operating system, Power Save ensures that workstation energy management is non-disruptive to user and IT processes, with savings that are verifiable through built-in reporting.

Power Save v4.1 now includes two new security options that ensure the user waking up a sleeping computer is indeed the authorized user for that session. The first is the option to require a user to enter their Windows login password when waking up a computer from a standby or hibernate state. Targeted towards environments where users have their own workstation-such as corporate or government organizations-this option provides the assurance that only the workstation’s owner can wake up a computer and access its files.

Faronics Power save

The second security-related option included in Power Save v4.1 is intended for organizations that manage multi-user computer labs. These organizations can now ensure that public-access computers log off any current user sessions before entering a power down state. By doing so, any session inadvertently left open by a visiting user will not be accessible to the next user.

“One of Power Save’s greatest strengths is its ability to adapt to the diverse needs of the different verticals,” says Dheeraj Mahtani, Product Manager for Faronics Power Save.

Stay Awake-one of Power Save ‘s new features-enables users to keep their computers awake by temporarily disabling power management actions on their workstations. An optional feature that must be enabled by IT, Stay Awake allows organizations to retain centralized control over workstation energy settings while providing users with a limited ability to keep computers awake for an extended period of time, if and when required.

“Doncaster College has fully deployed Faronics Power Save with no major issues to report. The improvements in the reporting capabilities of Power Save have been well received. We are looking forward to the benefits that the new v4.1 will deliver, especially the Stay Awake feature that lets users temporarily keep their computers awake,” said Jeremy Mockford, IT Service Manager for Doncaster College.

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