The best of tweaking and optimization programs for Windows 7

New Windows, new attributes, new abilities and new hidden facilities. You can control everything until your maximal satisfaction by using some of tweaking applications.

So what is it tweaking?

The most frequent association relates to optimization, acceleration, appearance adjusting, and hidden settings opening. All of these and many more comes up with following programs.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Ultimate Windows Tweaker

is a simple tweaking program for Windows Vista and Windows 7. Freeware utility serves for Windows optimization which can be more stabile, secure, and swift with adjusted appearance and control. This program is some kind of access supplier to various hidden facilities of your system. They are separated to various tabular categories. In case of unauthorized intervention program allows you to return to position as it was saved before.  Ultimate Windows Tweaker supports 32 and 64bit versions.

Download Ultimate Windows Tweaker here!



is focused on Windows 7. With access to hidden settings you will get also detailed information about your system, about running processes and services and about applications launching while W7 starts. EnhanceMySe7en includes useful tool set for registry cleaning and performance optimization. Interface is nice, simple and tabular. EnhanceMySe7en is good for beginners and advanced users. There is possibility to buy an upgrade PRO.

Download EnhanceMySe7en freeware here!

Download EnhanceMySe7en PRO shareware here!

TuneUp Utilities

TuneUp Utilities

tool set for OS performance optimization. TuneUp Utilities also offers a special attributes for Firefox – Internet connection acceleration or registry defragmentation.  TurboMode will close non used programs running on background. Live Optimization will accelerate system start and program responses. Program can solve various damages, recover deleted files etc. Using TuneUp Utilities you will get maximal survey and Windows performance.

Download TuneUp Utilities 2010 here!

Advanced System Care

Advanced SystemCare

nowadays more popular and more prevalent product which can be used almost for everything regarding to Windows. This program is mainly focused on system maintenance and protection. It removes spyware and adware, repairs flaws in registry, improves speed of your system and can be used as threat prevention including hidden settings modifications and many more. There is possibility to buy an upgrade PRO.

Download Advanced SystemCare Professional here!

Download Advanced SystemCare freeware here!


TweakNow PowerPack

easy to handle program covers many tools for Windows and Internet browser improvement. Main modules are: RAM Idle enables free memory. AutoShutDown planer for turning off or computer restarts. VirtualDesktop adds arbitrary number of desktops to your Windows. Program displays information regarding hardware and offers access to hidden settings of Windows.

Download TweakNow PowerPack here!



now available also for Windows7. Using this program you can avoid update requests and more. We can recommend this program to less experienced users.

Download xp-Antispy here!

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