The Communications Server Is To Be Updated By Microsoft

Microsoft Corporation has planned to unleash a newer version of its celebrated Office Communications Server (OCS). The package is being expected to be made public by late 2010. Mr. G. S. Pall, the CVP of Microsoft’s auspicious Unified Communications Group has thrown light on the possibilities related to this technology update. The novel characteristic features of the new edition package will include better orchestration of the software with MS Exchange Server 2010 and MS SharePoint 2010. Further, e911 and improved voice recognition systems will cater to the dimensions of added security and functions.

Promises With The Formal Communications Server ’14’

Communications Server ‘14’ is the official name of this new software. The public name is not yet known, and we can expect something really new is going to appear in the IT Markets. Mr. G. S. Pall has adhered to the secrets of Microsoft’s brand nomenclature, and it is still not known what ‘14’ stands for!

OCS is the software that is going to provide more improved video conferencing, instant messaging, presence notification, Internet telephony, and several other communications facilities in its new avatar.  When put in connection with a Session Initiation Protocol trunk or else a Public Switched Telephone Network, OCS can winningly substitute the Private Branch Exchange equipments of an office. That can also cut the very costs of the long-distance calls made along with ample technical simplification and scopes to redesign things.

Let’s try to comprehend what a server actually is. In a server-based network, the data is stored and maintained on a central computer. There is often need of a dedicated server that is running any applications, but only one server software and services can also run robustly.  On specialized integration with advanced Office utilities, the server can provide centralized control of programs and data, use of common data sets, and enhanced data protection & data security.

In this context, the new version of OCS will also proffer an accomplished Voice over IP solution. Another latest feature is that of call parking, which is the capability of putting a call on temporary hold and subsequently resume it from some other phone that is integrated in the same OCS optimized system. This will decrease down time and human error frequency in a run time corporate setting. Further, Mr. Pall stated that the OCS Communicator Client has also been simplified, outfitted, and enhanced with new features.

Once integrated to MS SharePoint 2010 and MS Exchange Server 2010, the client side is benefited by deeper levels of search and query operations. Previously, the users would explore the internal folders and drives for names. From now they would be able to search for knowledge areas and expertise and as well. The software utilizes the SharePoint folders to reap the expertise data available in the system, which is a novel technical contemplation indeed!

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