Drop box: make the files sharing easier and safer

We often need to share files and folders with friends and also for work. The usual method that we follow is through e mails. But when there are a number of files that have to be uploaded, it is very tiresome and also time consuming. This is also not considered to be a very safe mode of sharing the files. However there is software that you can use and very easily manage and synchronize the files and folders online on multiple systems. This software is called as the drop box and this is one kind of software that you will certainly love to work with.

This software works on a number of systems that use Microsoft windows, Linux, MAC OSX. Using this software you will be able to store the files on very safe servers and also access them through the website of Drop box later.

The working of this software is also very easy. To download it you simply have to visit the website and then download this software from there. After this you will have to follow the instructions that will be given to you for the step by step installation. Once you have downloaded this application, you will be asked to register for an account. Once you have an account you will then be asked to give the location where you want to save the folder called the Drop box. After this you will have the folder that has the features of any normal folder. All you have to do now is to drag the files that you wish to share to this folder and also you can ask someone else who has your password of the Drop box account to put in the files that can be then used and seen by you. All the files that will be saved in this folder will be managed online instantly. If you have a number of machines, even then the procedure is quite simple. All you have to do is to download the software, then link the system with that account and then as you do it, the same folder with all the files will be automatically synchronized to your system as well.

This happens to be very useful when you have a number of systems and you want to have the information on all your machines. For instance if you have a desktop at home and you take your laptop to work, you can simply save all the files in this folder and then access the files from the other machines as well. no matter where you are, the information shared in the drop box will be available to you at all the time.

With this you can also share your files with your clients. For this you simply have to select the files that you wish to share and then drag it to the public folder in the drop box. Then automatically this file will be allotted a URL that will be unique to this file. Then you can share the URL to share the files. If it is an entire folder that you wish to share, even then you can take the help of drop box. You simply have to right click on that particular folder and then from the drop box menu you have to select the share option. Then you will be asked to enter an e mail address and once you enter the e mail address your job is done.

With this software you have a complete security of all the files and the folders. When you store these files the drop box itself will make the backup files and along with the backup files you will also have a few snapshots of the changes that you introduce in the folder. With the help of these snapshots you will then know if you had by mistake deleted a file that you did not want to.

This software is useful for a number of people. Usually we can use it to share our pictures and work. But in the case of small businesses as well this software can be very useful. With this you can share the work with the clients and also with the friends and family. When you have a business and you have to manage your data at a number of locations, even then you can make good use of this software as you will not have to worry about regularly taking the pain of attaching and sending the files and the folders. It makes your work a lot easier and also saves a lot of time and also money. The best thing is that this software is free software and can be downloaded without any costs. Many people have been using the software and are very satisfied with the usage.

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