More Security With STOPzilla

The promising freeware STOPzilla can kill almost all the forms of harmful Malware … STOPzilla can successfully scan, remove and block Adware, Spyware, Pop-up ads, hijackers, Phishing attacks, rootkits, Trojans, rogue programs, bots, ads of messenger services, keyloggers, dialers, malicious BHOs, etc.

The software would provide you with factual real-time elimination, blockage, and protection against potentially harmful computer viruses and threats that you come across your network. STOPzilla provides you the most advanced and sophisticated protection against Pop-ups. The application prevents ID Theft and functions as an Anti-Phishing utility.

The software can also readily erase the offline contents and Internet files, cookies, and history. This helps in cleaning up the cache memory of the computer and prevents the potentially harmful files from being stored or run. The security application also provides protection against Home Page Hijacker and checks for automatic updates everyday. The providers of this software would further offer you robust and free customer service by means of free chatting services.

Further, STOPzilla’s capable True Real-Time Protection can detect, obstruct, and quarantine all known and latent Spyware infections in correct time. The Malware, therefore, does not get enough time to attack the system or network and find entrenchment. Only the lawful software programs would be allowed by this application to execute and function freely. From the very moment, when you start up your computer, this software promptly begins to work to protect your computer from malevolent programming, and your computer is never rendered vulnerable.

The state-of-the-art Pop-up blocker that is available with STOPzilla is really mesmerizing. The highly advanced and sophisticated Pop-up blocker can intercept and destroy all sorts of Pop-up ads whilst the user-requested ones are allowed to be displayed. STOPzilla is gifted with the astuteness to differentiate between rightful Pop-ups (from banking sites, email servers, etc.) and the nasty, malicious ones. Not all of the available Pop-up blockers in the market have such functionality. The simpler Pop-up blockers would not block the Pop-ups, which are delivered by Adware and Spyware applications. The award-winning and widely appreciated Pop-up blocking tools of STOPzilla would check both the website generated Pop-ups and the ones those are spawned Adware and Spyware applications.

STOPzilla interface is adorably simple to understand and utilize. STOPzilla has been specially designed to carry out security operations successfully regardless the user’s level of understanding of the software or related computer expertise. On booting up, STOPzilla gets launched. The application calls for very limited user interaction. By utilizing the STOPzilla software as a protector for your computer and network, you can surf the web in a well-mannered and secured way.

Download STOPzilla here!

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