SHTURMANN Is Something More Than Just A Navigator

The celebrated company Content Master is a dynamically developing Russian corporation, which produces reliable and qualitative navigating products under SHTURMANN® trademark. At the moment, a priority direction of the company’s activities is the navigational software development and navigational content aggregation. If you are going to Russia for a long term stay, you may have to hit upon the applications provided by this company, particularly in the car navigation segment. If you don’t have much knowledge of the Russian traffic and roadways conditions, don’t worry. With the SHTURMANN software package, once installed in the driving and guidance system of your car, you can get a lot of information of the cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

However, we must say contextually that the latest version of SHTURMANN is not a navigator only. The new software SHTURMANN is exploitable at GLONASS navigators and also on GPS platforms. On 18th March, 2010, the company held a press conference dedicated to the navigation application of its own design under the trademark SHTURMANN. The new program will be available in late March 2010 and only on the browsers that support SHTURMANN. In the first part of the press conference, the company’ officials told about the achievements of the company between 2008 and 2010, the model number, which is represented in the retail chains and innovations that will soon go on sale.

Content Master, in the year 2009, was able to achieve outstanding results. It not only created a strong demand for a new kind of GPS navigators with a data channel (connected navigation), but also became the leader in this segment of the navigation market in Russia. By buying SHTURMANN navigators, the client always gets the time-tested and optimized benefits of the company’s proficient specialists. Due to the navigator SIM card with a special fare “Team Navigator” allows you to spend a meager amount of money per 1 Mb of downloaded traffic, which helps you amply in monetary terms. At this moment, the cost of application utilization over Internet is perhaps the lowest in the GPRS technology segment of the market. Moreover, preloaded software applications have already been configured to work with integrated on-line applications – ICQ, Internet, traffic jams, email, chat and others. This has unarguably increased the efficiency of the application.

Further information on the software has been presented by the company. The new product of the company is actually a very new form of the program SHTURMANN and “Personal cabinet” ( Therefore, it is wise to be called a new software package of SHTURMANN. Despite the fact that doing something new is difficult in today’s markets, the programmers and partners of the company were still able to do it. Especially, it is worthy to note that the navigation SHTURMANN has been specifically designed for utilization on devices with a data channel (connected navigation). The navigation software has client-server architecture, which significantly expands the users’ ability to obtain and exploit information. There are options to search through one line on a remote database POI (Points Of Interest), search by categories, create and manage the databases, share these databases with friends, etc. Moreover, specialists at the Lebedev Studio have developed a user-friendly interface of the program, deciding to challenge the speed and clarity of perception of information right from the navigator screen. SHTURMANN has improved tools for scaling as well. The ability to increase the individual sections of a map and display the entire route within the screen with one click makes card management easy and convenient with this software. All controls are designed to manage the program by pressing the fingers, so using a stylus is required.

Personal web-study through the browser implemented in this software package opens up access to content: updated database, background information, management services and a unique function of “Friends”. More in the go, an analytical bend in the development of the graphical interface provides us an opportunity to take into account the accurate and timely pictures of traffic difficulties while constructing the routes.

The clients are amply provided with the latest digital navigation map information. The partner company MTS has provided a unique tariff “Team Navigator”, designed specifically for navigation. Office of the navigation system has been constructed in such a way that the use of the software has been considerably simplified. Address search program is executed with specific Russian numbering of houses. However, the navigation system is internationally adaptive too. Although the Cyrillic script has been used throughout the package, the software can be deployed in European conditions (particularly in the countries like Ukraine in Eastern Europe).

In addition to addressing information, the program is structured for the POI (Points Of Interest) framework. These “Points Of Interest” may count restaurants, service stations, gas stations, etc., with more than 100000 urban infrastructure only in Moscow! For the convenience of users in navigation, the program adds information about speed cameras, emergency crossroads, etc. Developers of “Content Master” have thus integrated lots of capabilities in the new software package to make it more a comfortable, functional, and integrated navigation system at the user side. SHTURMANN also uniquely suits to the Russian on-line services “Friends” and is geared with a search facility for POI on their own servers. Thus, the navigation system is capable of obtaining immediate updates from the synchronized servers.

So now if you are going to Russia, be prepared to be thrilled with a new experience in GPS navigation and technology with the celebrated SHTURMANN software. A basic knowledge of Cyrillic script is enough to understand the information and instructions that would be provided to you by this software, and your journey is made a lot easy.

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