Spybot Search and Destroy

Spybot Search and Destroy (SSD) is a security program with a long tradition and great popularity. This high quality and time-proven software is excellent for removing the spyware and other malicious “goods” that can harm your computer. The program also offers a simple and transparent environment adequate for beginners. Finally, the last point – provides its services free of charge, but accepts a voluntary grants.

Spybot Search and Destroy

Safety and security
SSD authors realize that certain interventions to the operating system may accidentally lead to problems. That’s the reason why SSD offers a simple guide to create a registry backup first. So in case of problems we are able to make a restore to the previous status.

System automatically set the SSD language based on the automatic detection. Before the first scan you must let the program to check for the security updates.

Control, recovery and immunization

The main thing, what’s SSD about is to check the computer, which aims to find (and destroy) all sorts of malicious software. After pressing the button, get ready for long minutes of waiting, when the application will scan the entire system. At the end of a thorough search you will get the result as a simple list of identified problematic items and you can have them fixed.

Eliminating the useless things, then computer check, and the final result

In the case that the result falls short of your expectations from a variety of reasons, the system offers the possibility of restore. You can choose from a list of items they can be consequently restored and the “fix” can be reversed. The last standard tool is called immunization. It helps you to check your Web browser and block some holes, and cookies.

Advanced users
We can simply switch into the advanced mode offering many other useful features. We can find here skin and language settings. We can also set the job scheduler or set the ignore list for specific cookies, extensions, programs. Shredder for unnecessary files, resident shield to block harmful downloads, startup application manager and program uninstaller.

SSD is a free tool that performs a very good job.

Download Spybot Search and Destroy here!

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