Adobe Photoshop And Its World Of Magic

All of us have been fascinated with the world of photography and it’s magic. We have always admired the flawless skin in the advertisements, the shining hair that they show, the excellent body and also the minor details that make anyone look so amazing. One can also not ignore the images that are manipulated the other way round. It is always fun to see those e mails that show the celebrities in their later stages or the different pictures that are the mockery of some famous personality.  It is just imagination brought down to visuals. You always imagine if you had the eyes of a famous star and the body of a model, how would you look like to be. Also if you want to have a perfect picture and you have just grown an ugly pimple on your forehead. All these things have been made possible with Adobe Photoshop. Now you can edit pictures to a level that there will be a huge difference in the actual picture and you might not even be able to recognize it.

You can make yourself look slimmer and taller, remove every unwanted mark from your face and also make yourself look like you want to. This software is also very helpful in editing old photographs. If there is a picture that has many scratches and is not in a good condition, even that picture can be made into new. In fact if you want to make a collage of many elements or make a new page with all different elements, this software is very useful.

There are a number of tools and features that make this software very easy to work with. To begin with you simply have to open a new page and then also decide the dimensions of the page that you wish to make. The only problem that one faces here is that if you take out the print of the page, it has to be of the same dimensions as of the one that you had selected. If you exceed the size, there are more chances that the image will be in pixels. Once you have opened a new page, you simply have to choose the picture that you wish to edit or the picture from where you want to pick up the element. For this you will have to open it with Adobe. Then simply choose the move tool and drag it to your page.

Now you will have the image on the page and you can begin to edit it. If you wish to increase or decrease the size you should first select the image by pressing Ctl+t and then the markers would appear and you can click+drag to make the changes in the size. You can replicate the image by choosing the clone stamp tool, you can change the color of the picture using the paint bucket tool. Also you can heal the patches in the picture using the heal tool. There are a number of options that you can explore and just see the magic.

Apart from the usual options if you want to explore the other options as well then you should try all the options with Alt and shift key as well. Each of the features also has more options if you try it with these keys. There is a lot to explore and you will be amazed with the changes that you can bring to any image. This software works in layer and as a result if you have placed a picture on one layer and another picture on the other layer, they act as independent elements. This means that if you want only one of the pictures to change, you can do it. Also if you want to apply the same effect on both the pictures together, you can also merge the layers and then apply the effect.

It is also possible that in the same picture you choose a part of the image and then edit it. This means if in a face you wish to show that the eyebrow is raised you can simply select that area and apply the desired effect to get the result. There is a lot to explore and you will yourself love to play around with the effects and the different filters. You can bring amazing changes in the images and also develop new images using the draw tool and the shapes.  You can also edit the texts and add texts to your images. You can make posters, brochures and do a lot of creative work using this software.

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