Advantages of Linux Hosting Over Windows Hosting

Anyone who is interested in the publication of any kind of data on internet needs web hosting. The web hosting has been in existence since many years and this thing, which evolved from the simple HTML pages hosting and small and simple sites with few images into fully-grown up web hosting applications from where the end users are capable of viewing the sites as well as interacting with the owner of the website. Not only this but web hosting also makes it possible to purchase goods as well as services from internet.

With the advent of technology and the need of internet for the purpose of integrating the business around the world, there has been need of web based software applications. It has promoted the production of various new web based technologies such as ASP, JSP, NET, PHP and many others. Now the users have many options for web hosting and the sites that are based on HTML work very well on both types of web hosting, Linux and windows.

The platforms of web hosting are different for different types of operating systems. The most common and popular web hosting systems are Microsoft windows server and the Red hat Linux. These web hosting software are very popular among users. However, the Linux hosting is gaining more popularity in comparison to the windows hosting. In this article, we will discuss the advantages as well as the disadvantages of both types of web hosting and why Linux is getting more popular.

First of all we will discuss that how the Linux was developed. This software was produced by a team-based efforts and it was developed for professional use. Many IT companies made efforts fort making this software such as Red hat, Mandrake, suse and many more. All these team members that were involved in the making of Linux made it very powerful, secured as well as inexpensive web hosting.

The main factor that is responsible for the success of the Linux is its cost effectiveness. This software comes at relatively cheaper price without making any compromise with the quality and security of the system. In today’s competitive world, it is the most lucrative thing for all the computer users. You will find that all the major technologies that are web based work very well with the Linux such as ASP.NET, ASP and many others. The reason of the cost effectiveness of Linux is that there has been virtually free distribution of the PERL, MySQL, and PHP. The free distribution of these technologies has made it possible to tremendously reduce the cost of Linux server. It is advisable for the small applications such as any recipe site to make use of the Linux hosting.

Not only that the Linux hosting is cheaper but it is more secure also. This software provides protection from the virus’s attacks, spamming and hacking like things. There are two reasons behind this feature of Linux. One is the robust architecture of the Linux and the second reason is that there are many cost effective software can be uploaded with the Linux that provide security to the system.

Now we will discuss some advantages of the use of Linux hosting over the windows hosting.

The first advantage of Linux over the windows is that it is robust as well as stable in comparison to the windows hosting. The web site that is housed on the Linux software has generally high up time. There are many other factors that are responsible for it such as network administration skills, network load, power supply etc. you need to take care of all these things.

Another main advantage of the Linux operating system over the windows operating system is that the ownership cost is very low. You will get the Linux operating system  free or at insignificant cost. The distribution cost of Linux is also very low. This operating system also has  server attached with it that is full fledged with technology and also the desktop applications also come free along with the Linux operating system. The services that come free of cost with this operating system are DNS server, web server file server FTP etc.

Another main advantage of the Linux web hosting is that it is very simple to use it because of its user-friendly features. Web hosting is very simple when done on web servers based on Linux. You will find that the process related to the hosting as well as uploading is same in both the Linux web hosting as well as windows web hosting. In case you want some tool that is based on the windows, for example front page for the purpose of uploading of some website on to the web server based on Linux, you should make it sure that the extensions of the front page are enabled. It is also very simple to move from the Linux based web server to the windows based web server. In addition, the Linux is in present the most widely used web hosting service in comparison to the windows web hosting.

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