All About Symbian Operating System

Symbian operating system is an advanced operating system that is licensed by the leading manufacturers of the mobile phones across the world. This operating system has been especially designed for meeting the particular requirements of the advanced 2.5G, 2G and 3G ranges of mobile phones. The Symbian Operating System uses power of the “integrated applications environment” along with the mobile telephony. In this way, this operating system brings the advanced data services in the market for its users.

The operating system that has been named as Symbian is powerful force that aligns the wireless chain and in this way, it drives wireless industry. The manufacturers of the mobile phones, software developers and the network operators all are assured with this operating system that they all are working with the standard industry and an operating system that is open and allows customization. This operating system is also focused on mass market.

This operating system has been designed for supporting the innovation as well as customization by the way of licenses. The Symbian operating system is compact also and can easily fit in the memory of any mobile phone. This operating system was planned to be a fully functional operating system in the terms of the functionality. This operating system consists of multi-tasking kernel, communications protocols, integrated support of telephony, data management, a user interface framework of low level, advanced support for graphics and different application engines.

Now we will discuss the features of the symbian operating system.

The first feature of the symbian operating system is that it has “integrated multimode mobile telephony”. Power of the computing are combined with the mobile telephony in this operating system and in this way, it brings the advanced services of data transfer to the users in the market. This operating system is perfect for the users of 2.5G as well as the 3G mobile phone users.

The second important feature of the Symbian operating system is messaging. This operating system comes with the comprehensive support for messaging such as MMS, SMS, EMS, fax and also email. This thing is very important for the users of the new mobile phones.

Another main feature of the Symbian operating system is that it makes it possible for the mobile phones to become a platform for the deployment of services as well as applications. This operating system has been developed as wide range of the languages as well as different formats of the contents. In this way, it becomes very clear that this operating system makes the mobile phone far more useful.

Another main feature of the Symbian operating system is its interoperability as well as standards. The modular implementation of the Symbian operating system is very flexible. In this way, this operating system gives a full set of the “application programming interfaces” (APIs) along with technologies. This feature of this operating system is shared by all the users of the mobile phones that are run on Symbian operating system. All the standards that are considered as key points of an operating system in the market are well supported by the Symbian operating system such as Bluetooth wireless technology, IP V4 and V6, WAP, SyncML and java etc.

One more important feature of the Symbian operating system is its capacity to do multiple tasks. This operating system has the qualities of being object oriented as well as it is based on components. There is one multi-tasking kernel in this operating system that is robust, it has middleware for the purpose of communications, graphics as well as data management and the levels of the framework for the graphical user interface are also low. It also comes with different application engines.

One more feature of the Symbian operating system is that it is robust. The users of this operating system can have instant access to their important data. Integrity of the data is ensured by this operating system. In addition, this feature is valid even in the condition when the data that is sought is from unreliable source of communication and also when there is limited memory, power as well as storage. Therefore, it is one system on which you can completely rely for all your important documents.

Another main feature of the Symbian operating system is that its design is user friendly as well as flexible. This operating system has enabled the user friendly and flexible designs for the “graphical user interface”. There is great scope of innovation in the Symbian operating system. There are many choices that are available with the manufacturers, users, enterprises and the carriers of this operating system. This operating system has been developed in different languages as well as designs. This has made it very easy for the users of this operating system to understand it. In this way, it has also paved the way for the developers of third party. There are many innovations that can be done with the help of the Symbian operating system by the users as well as manufacturers of the mobile phones.

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