CorelDraw To Edit The Vector Images

There are many different softwares that can be used to develop graphics and edit them. But th software that has maintained its position in the market till today is CorelDraw. It is because it is very easy to handle and use as the tools that is uses are not very sophisticated and even the first time users are not intimidated by them. Although it cannot be used in places where we need the CAD and the #d Max, but it has been widely used at a number of places. Those who do not have much complicated work and are not very much in the technical side, opt for this software to develop graphics. The users of this software are varied and the most common users are the fashion designers and also the communication designers. With this software they can make their 2 d images and the sketches and also the things like poster and prints. It cannot be used to make three d image as there is no z coordinate. But it is possible to create a 3 d effect using a few tools.

The latest version that was launches is the CorelDraw X5 and this happens to be the 15th version of this software. The developers of this useful software are the Corel Corporation, Ottawa. It was only in the third edition that this software became a true tool for the illustrations. It is now used to edit all the vector graphics. This software is supported only in windows, it was launched in Mac as well, but the sales techniques failed and its use in that section could not be continued.

There is not just one reason that made this software very effective for the vector graphics. It is because of this software that the vector mode could be explored to such an extent. If you have an ion then it is possible for you to operate it in a number of directions because of the node tool. It is also possible for you to fill any object in a way that it gives you a 3 d effect. You can use the gradient tool and also the mesh tool to give the desired effect.

There have been a number of software that were introduced in the market but it is only CorelDraw that gives the user a number of options to explore. It is in fact the only software that is known as the graphic suite and is not just a vector graphics software. There are so many tools that you can manage the image as per your requirements and needs. It is possible for you to change the contrast of the image, change the levels of the color and also choose between the color formats. You can go for the CMYK or the RGB.

Another advantage of this software is that you can work on a number of layers. Another very useful and important feature is that you can make boxes and then link them to the different pages. You can also add text to these images and move it anywhere in the page. With the help of this feature you can very easily manage the things like the news papers where you need text in different pages. This feature is very useful to the people in the field of communication design. In this software you will be able to open any type of file. This means that you will be able to open the jpeg files, the Photoshop files and also the PowerPoint files.

With time and development there have been a number of features that have been introduced in this software. You can edit photos make new graphics and just let your imagination run. Also one very important feature of this software is that it gives you a very good print quality. Even Photoshop is very famous software, but many times there are problems when you print those images. But in CorelDraw there is no such issue you will always get a very good print quality. You can maximize the image and there will be no pixels as in the case of Photoshop. The draw tool in Corel is much more useful and elaborated than the Photoshop. You can very easily make the patterns and move the image easily. You can add nodes to any line and then manipulate the line using the nodes. This tool is therefore very useful in drawing and also in editing. For the graphic designers who are working with 2 d images, this is the most important tool.

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