Different Benefits of Using Linux

Linux is an operating system that is similar to the operating system UNIX. This operating system was designed for the purpose of providing a low cost or free operating system to the users of personal computer. The purpose was to provide a cheap operating system as compared to the old and traditional operating system that used to be expensive UNIX operating system. The Linux operating system has earned the reputation of being an efficient and fast operating system. The kernel of the Linux that is the central part of this operating system was designed by a student named Linus Torvalds. He was a student of University of Helsinki situated in Finland. For the purpose of completing this operating system, the Linus and his team members made use of the systems that were developed by the members of free software foundation for GNU project. This operating system has now become very popular. In this article, we will discuss the various benefits of using the operating system of Linux.

The first and very important benefit of the use of Linux is that it is a cost effective operating system. You need not to purchase any kind of license for using Linux as majority of this software comes with the GNU general public license. You can start working with your operating system without any fear of the expiry of your free version. Not only this but you will find that there are some large repositories that provide you for the free download of the high quality software for all kind of works of yours.

The second benefit of the use of Linux is that this operating system provided stability to your work. You will find that there is no need of periodic reboot of this software for maintaining the performance levels. There is no problem of slowing down of this system over time due to the problems of memory leaks and the kinds. You will infact find continuous up times of about hundreds of days in this software.

The third benefit of this software is its high performance levels. The Linux will provide you consistent high levels of performance on workstations as well as networks. This software is capable of handling large numbers of users simultaneously at the same time. Not only this but also this software makes the old computers to respond and makes them useful again.

Another benefit if Linux is that it is network friendly. This software was developed by a team of programmers of internet and this is the reason that this software comes with a strong support of the functionality of the network. It is very easy to set up a client and server system in any computer that is working with Linux. The tasks such as network back ups can be run at much faster speed and it is far more reliable than the other alternative systems.

One more benefit of Linux is that it is very flexible software. This software can be used for the high performance server applications, embedded systems and the desktop applications. You can very easily save the disk space just by installing the components that you require for your particular use. You can also restrict the use of some specific computers by installation such as only some selected applications of office in place of the whole suite.

Not only these, but the Linux has many more benefits. You will find it more compatible than the other systems. All the common packages of UNIX software are run in it and it is capable of processing all the common formats of files. You have a very large number of choices available with Linux distributions. Every distribution is made and supported by different organization. You can select the one as per your choice. The basic functionality of these distributions is the same. You will find that majority of the software run on all majorities of the distributions.

The installation of the Linux is simple and fast. The installation process of this software is user friendly. The famous Linux distributions come along with such tools that make the installation process really simple and user friendly. Not only this but it also makes the installation of other software simpler. You will find that Linux gives you good performance even on the condition when the hard disk is full.

This software has been so designed so as to perform multiple tasks at the same time and this will not slow down your system. For example if you are performing some major printing work then it will not affect the functionality of your computer system. This operating system is fully secured also. The walls as well as the flexible file access permission systems will prevent the access of your system to the unwanted users. Another quality of the Linux software is that it is open source also.

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