Introduction of Windows XP

In October 2001, Microsoft Corp. launched Windows XP, the first consumer-friendly operating system. The company released Windows XP (code named “Whistler”), by merging Windows NT/2000 and Windows 95/98/Me. Windows XP uses graphical interface to provide a conventional and standard way to work between many software programs. It is more user-friendly than previous versions of Windows. The several editions of this operating system are Windows XP Home Edition, which is for home users while Windows XP Professional Edition is targeted at power users. Business and enterprise clients offers added features including two physical processors and support for Windows Server domains while Windows XP Media Center Edition’s multimedia feature augment its ability to view DVD movies, watch and record television shows, and listen to music. Professional x64 Edition can handle larger amounts of information than a 32-bit system. During 2009, Windows XP came up with system software exclusively for the cellular telephone, the first of its kind. Moreover, it is equipped with a magnificent Graphical User Interface. Windows XP is customizable, adaptable for different screen resolutions, powered with superb display quality. Windows XP, automatically and readily, finds and installs many hardware drivers, which are available in the international markets. It is widely adaptable and run on a lot of utility and application software’s, thus they are void of any serious difficulties. It can moreover, quickly adapt to  wide range of  Microsoft products like MS Office, MS Visual FoxPro , ERP,MS SQL  applications which are  running on MS SQL etc. It thus creates a momentum and accuracy to the machine and modifies the utility. To improve the functionality dynamically, there are various options for developing powerful tools and applications by using VBScript.

Benefits Of Windows XP

The various other benefits of Windows XP are as –

  • It keeps the computer and personal data more secure,
  • Helps to communicate, organize and share free photos, e-mails and IM programs,
  • Helps to browse the web easily and more safely,
  • Gives an option to personalize desktop with themes, photos, and gadgets,
  • Connect to company networks securely,
  • Watch and record TV on the PC,
  • Windows Movie Maker enables the user computer to create and edit home movies.

It is a dynamic world and Microsoft has blessed us with brilliant technological products, out of which windows XP is the one. It is overall a consumer-oriented product and has earned a lot of popularity over the years around the world. This has mainly happed due its robustly interoperable and its system software that can adapt to the dynamics of Internet by its continuous updates. Its software is well programmed to connect the updates from Microsoft Corporation’s main server that would be robotically synchronized with all the packages when once it is connected to Internet. The software has a diverse platform. It can be used at home, small enterprise can also be benefited and even the diverse environment of a multifaceted corporate setup is successfully using it. The software is indeed consumer-oriented that can adapt to various technological needs of its clients, it is not exclusively made for any specific client usage. It is for all. It is adaptive to all notebooks, portable laptops, media centers, home or business desktops. Many of its, existing customers are continuously upgrading from currently available Windows XP platforms.

Windows XP has often been criticized for the exposure to certain security and performance issues, and its vulnerability to malicious software such as viruses. A lot of attack against Windows XP systems is in the type of  “ Trojan horse “, here customer, who opens email with the attachment, can mistakenly infect his own computer system, and also transfer the worm to other users. Windows XP gives some helpful security reimbursement, e g Windows Update, that can set to fix the security patches routinely, and also has an in built firewall. Various Critics claimed about user interface Luna, the default Windows XP which adds image clutter and misuse screen space with no new functions and is operating more slowly.

In spite, of all the criticism, by December 2009, Windows XP was the most popular operating system in the world. It is the market leader with a market share of more than 61%. Windows XP was succeeded through the Windows Vista that was released to quantity license customers on 8th November, 2006.  After the launch of certain new technological products like Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 from Microsoft, the Windows XP is still popular. A large number of big of corporations all around the globe are still using the software, as the company’s (primary) main system platform. They are either interested in upgrading or updating the present Windows XP platforms. According to some, Windows XP is more system and user friendly than the Windows Vista and the new Windows7. Microsoft offers extensive support information system. As the popularity and use of Windows XP is widespread, there is no dearth of support from various tech gurus and experts. There are various troubleshoots available in different websites offered by expert. Windows XP is indeed very user friendly and widely popular.

Introduction of Windows X

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